10 Discontinued Breakfast Cereals from the 1970s You Totally Forgot About

Do you remember a time when breakfast was about more than just filling up your stomach? Back in the 1970s, kids eagerly tore into boxes of cereal featuring cartoon mascots and fun shapes.

It was a magical era for breakfast, and you might be surprised by how many beloved cereals from that time are no longer around.

Why did these cereals vanish from grocery store shelves, and which ones do people miss the most today? In this article, we’ll take you on a trip down memory lane, exploring the tasty and sometimes quirky cereals from the 1970s that have since been discontinued.

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or just curious, you’re sure to enjoy this look back at breakfast history.

1) Quisp

Quisp was a popular cereal from the Quaker Oats Company.

Introduced in 1965, it quickly became a favorite among kids.

You would recognize Quisp by its quirky alien mascot who starred in many TV commercials.

The cereal was shaped like little flying saucers and had a sweet, crunchy taste.

During the 1970s, Quisp was a common sight in breakfast aisles.

You might even remember the fun prizes that came in the cereal boxes.

By the late 1970s, Quisp began to disappear from stores.

Fans of the cereal were disappointed, but the quirky alien mascot never faded from memory.

In 2012, Quisp made a brief comeback, exciting many who had enjoyed it as kids.

For a while, you could find it again on supermarket shelves.

2) Crazy Cow

Crazy Cow was a fun cereal from General Mills that hit the shelves in the 1970s.

This cereal came in both strawberry and chocolate flavors.

The coolest part? It would instantly change the color of your milk.

Strawberry turned it pink, and chocolate made it brown.

Kids loved watching their milk transform with each spoonful.

The cereal was shaped in little balls, making it easy to scoop up a big bite.

The taste was sweet, and the cereal itself was crunchy.

Though Crazy Cow disappeared from stores, it left a lasting impression.

Many people still have fond memories of eating it for breakfast or as a snack after school.

Its uniqueness made it stand out among other cereals of its time.

3) Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs

Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs Cereal was one of those quirky, fun cereals from the late 70s.

It didn’t last long, but it sure left an impression.

The cereal was shaped like happy faces, bringing a bit of joy to your breakfast table.

The cereal’s mascot was a grumpy robot named Cecil.

When made to laugh by characters named Grins, Smiles, Giggles, and Laughs, Cecil would “vomit” boxes of this smiley cereal, adding a unique twist to your morning routine.

The taste was described as delicious, making it a favorite for many kids.

Besides the fun shape, the cereal’s flavor always had kids coming back for more, despite its short shelf-life.

Though it wasn’t around for long, Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs Cereal is still remembered fondly by those who enjoyed it.

It’s one of those nostalgic treats that make you smile just thinking about it.

4) Sir Grapefellow

Sir Grapefellow was a unique cereal from the 1970s.

You might remember its purple color and grape flavor.

It also had little marshmallows, adding extra sweetness to your breakfast.

The mascot, Sir Grapefellow, was a quirky character dressed as a British pilot.

He made the cereal memorable and fun.

Both the taste and the mascot made it stick in people’s minds.

Sadly, Sir Grapefellow didn’t stay on shelves for long.

Despite its short lifespan, many people still have fond memories of this cereal.

They remember it as one of the more interesting and imaginative cereals they had as kids.

5) Crunchy Loggs

Crunchy Loggs was a cereal that brought the forest to your breakfast table.

Introduced in the 1970s, this cereal featured log-shaped pieces that aimed to be both fun and tasty.

You might remember the packaging with a friendly lumberjack, which made it feel like an adventure each morning.

It was one of those cereals that tried to combine fun shapes with a crunchy texture.

Kids loved the unique shape, and the sweet flavor was a big hit.

Crunchy Loggs made for a memorable part of many childhood mornings, even if it didn’t stay on the shelves for too long.

6) Wheat Honeys

If you remember eating cereal in the ’70s, you might recall Wheat Honeys.

This cereal was made by Nabisco and was known for its sweet taste.

It was a breakfast favorite for many families.

Wheat Honeys had a crunchy texture that made it enjoyable to eat.

It was made from wheat, which gave it a unique flavor that distinguished it from other cereals of the time.

Kids loved it because of its taste, and parents liked the fact that it was made from wheat.

Despite being a hit in the ’70s, Wheat Honeys didn’t stick around.

Many people who grew up during that era still talk about how much they miss it.

It’s one of those cereals that brings back a lot of nostalgic memories for those who enjoyed it back in the day.

7) Pink Panther Flakes

Pink Panther Flakes hit the shelves in the early 1970s, captivating kids with their neon pink color.

Created by Post, this cereal was inspired by the popular Pink Panther cartoon.

You’d pour yourself a bowl of these pink frosted corn flakes, and it felt like having a fun, colorful breakfast.

The sweetness would wake you up instantly.

Sadly, Pink Panther Flakes didn’t stay long.

They disappeared from stores by the mid-’70s.

If you were a fan of the Pink Panther, this cereal was hard to forget.

8) Cocoa Hoots

Cocoa Hoots was a chocolate-flavored cereal introduced by General Mills in the 1970s.

If you were a kid during that time, you might remember its fun owl mascot, Hoots the Owl.

The cereal pieces were shaped like tiny rings, similar to Cheerios, but had a rich cocoa taste.

The cereal boxes often featured colorful and engaging designs, making it easy for you to spot them on grocery store shelves.

Each bite delivered a burst of chocolate flavor that made breakfast exciting.

Cocoa Hoots didn’t just taste good; it also turned your milk into a yummy chocolate drink.

It was a double treat that many kids loved waking up to in the morning.

Despite its popularity, Cocoa Hoots was eventually discontinued.

It’s one of those cereals that people who grew up in the 1970s still talk about.

9) Corny-Snaps

Corny-Snaps was introduced by Kellogg’s in 1975.

It quickly became a breakfast favorite for many families.

This cereal was known for its sweet and crunchy corn flavor.

The simple recipe appealed to kids and adults alike.

The cereal came in bright, colorful boxes that were hard to miss on grocery store shelves.

The design often featured fun characters and exciting promotions.

This made it a hit with children who loved collecting the prizes that came inside.

If you ever had a bowl of Corny-Snaps, you might remember the way it stayed crunchy even after adding milk.

This was one of its key selling points.

It was a perfect combination of texture and taste.

Many people still remember Corny-Snaps with nostalgia.

Even though it’s no longer available, the memories of Saturday morning cartoons and bowls of Corny-Snaps live on.

10) Sugar Sparkled Flakes

You might remember Sugar Sparkled Flakes, a popular cereal from the 1970s.

This cereal was known for its crisp, flakey texture, and sugary coating.

It was a favorite for many kids and even some adults who enjoyed starting their day with a little extra sweetness.

The flakes were said to sparkle in the milk, making breakfast time fun and exciting.

With every spoonful, you’d get a satisfying crunch followed by a burst of sugary goodness.

It was a perfect mix of taste and texture that made it stand out from other cereals at the time.

Sadly, Sugar Sparkled Flakes didn’t make it past the 1980s.

Despite its tasty appeal, changing trends in breakfast foods and the rise of health-conscious eating contributed to its discontinuation.

Now, it’s remembered fondly by those who were lucky enough to enjoy it in their childhood.

Do you remember eating Sugar Sparkled Flakes? If you do, it’s likely you miss that special morning treat.

It’s one of those nostalgic cereals that takes you back to simpler times.

Why Breakfast Cereals Were Popular in the 1970s

Breakfast cereals became a hit in the 1970s thanks to cultural changes and clever marketing.

The convenience and fun factor played major roles in their rise to fame.

Cultural Trends

In the 1970s, more families were living busy lives.

Parents often had to get to work early, and kids were heading off to school. Quick and easy breakfasts became really important.

Cereal fit the bill perfectly.

You just pour and add milk, and breakfast is ready in a snap.

At the same time, television was a big part of family life.

Mornings were often spent watching cartoons, which worked great with cereal.

Eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes or Froot Loops while watching your favorite show just seemed like the perfect start to the day.

Healthy eating trends hadn’t quite hit yet, so sugar-packed cereals became a staple.

Parents believed cereals were healthy because of the added vitamins and minerals.

This era set the scene for a breakfast revolution.

Marketing Strategies

Companies knew how to grab your attention. Colorful boxes with fun characters like Tony the Tiger or Cap’n Crunch made cereals stand out on the shelves. Commercials featuring these characters would air during kids’ TV shows, creating a direct line to their audience.

Free toys inside the boxes and mail-in offers for exclusive items added to the excitement.

Getting a new toy just for finishing your breakfast was a huge incentive for kids.

The slogans were catchy, and jingles were memorable.

Phrases like “They’re Grrreat!” for Frosted Flakes stayed with you long after breakfast was over.

Marketing was targeted not just at kids but also at parents, convincing them that cereals were a nutritious choice for their children.

Packaging often highlighted the health benefits, even if the cereals were loaded with sugar.

All these strategies combined made breakfast cereals a must-have in almost every household in the 1970s.

The Nostalgia Factor

Breakfast cereals from the 1970s are not just food items but memories that remind you of simpler times.

They often bring back thoughts of your childhood cartoon favorites and the exciting designs that made breakfast fun.

Childhood Memories

As a kid in the ’70s, breakfast meant more than just eating.

It was a time filled with the joy of your favorite cereals.

Brands like Crazy Cow and Smurf Magic Berries made mornings something to look forward to.

Each spoonful was a mix of flavors and memories.

Turning on cartoons and enjoying your cereal was a daily ritual.

Even now, thinking about those breakfasts may take you back to sitting at the kitchen table, savoring each bite.

Retro Designs and Mascots

Cereal boxes in the 1970s were more than just packaging.

They featured bright colors, fun characters, and catchy names.

The Super Sugar Crisp bear and HoneyComb cowboy are just a couple of the memorable mascots.

These designs didn’t just catch your eye; they were part of the experience.

You’d often browse the cereal aisle, drawn to the boxes with the best designs.

Some even had puzzles or toys inside, adding to the excitement.

All these elements made your mornings unique, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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