10 Fun Facts About Famous Internet Cats You Need to Know

The internet loves its famous cats.

From their cute faces to their quirky antics, these feline celebrities have captured the hearts of many.

You might already know a few, like Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub, but there’s so much more to learn about these furry superstars.

Famous internet cats in playful poses, surrounded by digital devices and social media icons.</p><p>Bright colors and whimsical expressions capture their personalities

Ever wondered what makes these internet cats so special? Their stories often include heartwarming tales of overcoming adversity, unique looks that set them apart, and funny moments that went viral.

Let’s dive deeper into the fascinating world of famous internet cats and discover some fun facts that you might not have known.

1) Grumpy Cat: The Original Meme Master

Grumpy Cat, born on April 4, 2012, in Morristown, Arizona, became an instant internet sensation.

Her permanent frown, due to feline dwarfism and an underbite, made her stand out.

The first picture of Grumpy Cat hit Reddit in September 2012.

It quickly went viral.

People loved making memes of her grumpy expression.

One of the most famous memes is the “How About No” meme.

This image showed Grumpy Cat’s sour face with captions rejecting various ideas.

It was shared countless times across social media.

Despite her grumpy look, Grumpy Cat was actually very sweet.

She loved playing, napping, and making friends.

Her real name was Tardar Sauce.

Grumpy Cat starred in commercials, had her own merchandise, and even featured in a movie.

She passed away in May 2019.

Her legacy lives on.

2) Lil Bub’s Adorable Tongue

Lil Bub's pink tongue sticks out playfully, showcasing her famous feline grin.</p><p>Her eyes sparkle with mischief as she sits in a cozy, colorful background

Lil Bub was famous for her cute, permanently stuck-out tongue.

This unique feature made her instantly recognizable and super lovable.

The reason for Bub’s special tongue was a medical condition called osteopetrosis.

This made her bones unusually dense, affecting her jaw.

As a result, her tiny tongue just couldn’t stay in her mouth.

You might think this was a problem for Bub, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

Fans loved her even more for it.

Her tongue became her trademark, making her pictures and videos incredibly popular.

Bub’s tongue wasn’t just cute; it also helped raise awareness about special needs pets.

Her unique look showed that being different can be wonderful.

3) Nala Cat: Instagram Queen

Nala Cat is a Siamese and Tabby mix with big blue eyes that draw you in.

This adorable cat rose to fame because of her cute looks and playful personality.

Nala Cat has over 4 million followers on Instagram.

Her account is full of sweet pictures and funny videos that make people smile daily.

Besides being just cute, Nala uses her fame for good causes.

Her posts often spread awareness about animal adoption and animal rights.

You might not know that Nala Cat holds the Guinness World Record for the most followers for a cat on Instagram.

That’s quite the achievement for a kitty!

Nala’s journey started when she was adopted from a shelter.

Her story shows how amazing shelter pets can be.

Her owners hope to inspire others to adopt, not shop.

You can often see Nala wearing cute costumes and posing in scenic spots.

She seems to enjoy the attention and knows how to work the camera.

Nala Cat’s charm and positive messages make her an Instagram favorite.

If you love cats, following Nala is a must.

4) Maru: Box-Loving Feline

Maru is a Scottish Fold cat from Japan who has captured the hearts of many with his love for boxes.

Born on May 24, 2007, Maru quickly became a YouTube sensation.

Maru’s owner started posting videos of his antics in 2008.

People couldn’t get enough of watching Maru try to fit into every box he encountered, no matter the size.

Maru’s videos are simple but hilarious.

You might find him leaping into too-small boxes, sliding across the floor inside one, or just lounging comfortably in a box that barely accommodates him.

His playful spirit and curiosity keep viewers coming back for more.

At one point, Maru even held a Guinness World Record for the most viewed animal on YouTube.

If you haven’t seen Maru in action, it’s time to check out his videos.

They’re bound to bring a smile to your face.

Watching Maru, you’ll see that sometimes the best entertainment comes from the simplest things.

5) Colonel Meow’s World Record Hair

Colonel Meow’s fur was truly something else.

This Himalayan-Persian mix had the longest fur on a cat, measuring about 9 inches (22.87 cm).

That’s almost as long as a school ruler! His unique coat caught the attention of Guinness World Records.

His hair wasn’t just long; it was also incredibly fluffy.

When you looked at him, it seemed like he was more fur than cat.

This impressive fur made him an instant internet sensation.

Colonel Meow’s fame spread quickly.

People from all over the world became fans of his extraordinary look.

His intense stare and fluffy coat made him stand out.

You could find pictures and videos of Colonel Meow all over social media.

His owners shared his adventures and grooming sessions, captivating even more fans.

Having such long fur wasn’t easy though.

It took a lot of work to keep it looking good.

Regular grooming was a must to prevent tangles and mats.

Even with all the maintenance, Colonel Meow’s fur remained his crown jewel.

It’s what made him not just any ordinary cat but a record-breaking star.

6) Keyboard Cat’s Musical Talent

Keyboard Cat plays a piano with a paw, surrounded by adoring fans

Keyboard Cat became a big hit on the internet with his unique musical talent.

The cat in the video, named Fatso, was made to look like he was playing a keyboard.

Despite Fatso’s serious face, the video features a lighthearted tune that makes people smile.

Charlie Schmidt, who owned Fatso, shot the original video back in 1984.

He uploaded it to YouTube in 2007, and soon after, it went viral.

The video took off when Brad O’Farrell used it in a funny clip that showed the cat seemingly playing people off during awkward or funny moments.

Even though Fatso wasn’t actually playing the keyboard, his fame as Keyboard Cat remains.

People love how the video makes it appear like he’s a musical genius.

The charm of Keyboard Cat is in how he looks so focused on his “performance.”

Today, Keyboard Cat is remembered as one of the internet’s earliest and most beloved memes.

Fatso’s simple yet entertaining keyboard act continues to bring joy to many fans.

7) Venus: The Two-Faced Cat

A two-faced cat, Venus, sits on a colorful background with a playful expression.</p><p>She is surrounded by internet cat icons and symbols

Venus is a one-of-a-kind internet sensation.

She has a striking look, with her face split right down the middle.

One side is black, and the other is orange.

Her eyes are just as unique.

One is blue, and the other is green.

This rare combination makes her a true marvel.

Born on July 6, 2009, Venus was found as a stray and adopted.

People believe her curious appearance is due to a genetic condition called chimerism.

Venus has garnered a huge following online.

Her social media tagline proudly states, “0% photoshopped, 100% born this way!”

In a world where cats rule the internet, Venus stands out.

She’s not just another cute face; she’s a natural wonder.

8) Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Meet Hamilton the Hipster Cat.

He’s famous for his unique mustache pattern on his face, making him look like an old-timey hipster.

This distinctive look quickly caught the internet’s attention.

Hamilton didn’t have an easy start.

He was a feral cat, which means he was born and raised without human contact.

It took him a while to adjust to living in a home.

When his owner, Jay Stowe, first brought him home, Hamilton spent a whole month hiding in the bathroom.

He didn’t trust humans at first, but he eventually came around and became quite the internet star.

Hamilton’s charm isn’t just about his mustache.

He loves carrying around a lucky penny and going wild over feather toys.

His playful personality shines through his photos and videos.

On Instagram, Hamilton has gathered a big following.

Over 356,000 people love to see his stylish mustache and daily antics.

You can also find him on Facebook, with just under 50,000 likes.

Hamilton stands out not just for his looks but also for his journey from a scared feral cat to a beloved internet celebrity.

His story is a reminder of how special rescue animals can be.

9) Garfi: The Angriest Cat Around

Garfi is often called the angriest cat on the internet.

With his fierce expression, he looks like he’s perpetually in a bad mood.

Yet, despite his grumpy face, he’s actually quite sweet.

Garfi is an orange Persian cat who lives in Turkey with his owner, Hulya Ozkok.

He enjoys doing typical cat activities like playing and lounging around.

His look reminds many people of Garfield, the famous cartoon cat.

Despite his angry appearance, Garfi is very tolerant.

He doesn’t mind dressing up or posing for photos.

Garfi’s expressive face has made him an internet sensation.

From memes to social media posts, people can’t get enough of his grumpy look.

10) Roomba Cat: The Shark-Riding Kitty

You’ve probably seen the video of a cat riding a Roomba dressed in a shark costume.

This hilarious and adorable scene features Max Arthur, a fifteen-year-old snowshoe cat, who swept the internet with his vacuum-riding antics.

Max Arthur entertained millions as he fearlessly rode around on the Roomba.

He looked extra fierce in his shark costume, adding to the charm.

This quirky cat video didn’t just make people laugh; it also boosted the popularity of Roomba vacuums.

People loved seeing Max Arthur’s adventures, making him one of the internet’s most famous felines.

From chasing toy ducks to cruising the kitchen, Roomba Cat showed that even cleaning robots can be fun with the right kitty on top.

Origins Of Famous Internet Cats

Famous internet cats in a playful scene: Grumpy Cat scowls, Keyboard Cat plays, and Nyan Cat soars through a pixelated sky

Some internet cats became stars because of their unique looks, while others charmed us with their delightful quirks.

They quickly captured hearts and changed the way we think about internet fame and pop culture.

Early Days of Internet Fame

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, became famous almost overnight in 2012.

A Reddit post showcasing her iconic frown went viral, leading to countless memes and media attention.

Before long, she had merchandise, a book deal, and even movie appearances.

Lil Bub, another internet sensation, was discovered in 2011.

Known for her tiny size and sticking tongue, she gained attention after her owner shared her photos on Tumblr.

Soon, Lil Bub had millions of followers, a documentary, and various charity events under her belt.

Meanwhile, Colonel Meow, with his intense glare and long fur, attracted fans on Facebook.

Discovered by a cat rescue group, he quickly gained a following and even landed a Guinness World Record for the longest fur on a cat.

Impact on Pop Culture

These internet cats had a huge impact on pop culture, transforming them into household names.

Grumpy Cat’s scowl not only became a meme but also led to multiple product lines.

You could find her image on everything from t-shirts to calendars.

Lil Bub raised awareness for special-needs pets.

Her appearances at charity events promoted pet adoption and raised funds for animal groups.

She had her own talk show where she “interviewed” celebrities, making her a beloved figure beyond cat lovers.

Colonel Meow’s distinctive look spawned countless fan art and tributes.

His stern expression appeared in various memes, and his social media presence helped boost the visibility of pet rescues and adoptions.

These cats didn’t just amuse us—they made a difference in both digital and real-world spaces.

Behind The Scenes

Taking care of famous internet cats involves special preparation and dedication.

The owners often play a crucial role in managing their pets’ online fame.

Care And Keeping Of Famous Cats

Famous internet cats need a lot of attention. Grumpy Cat became a star because of her unique look, but she needed regular vet visits due to her feline dwarfism.

These cats often have specific diets to keep them healthy and happy.

For example, Nala Cat, with her striking blue eyes, gets a balanced diet full of nutrients to maintain her looks and energy.

Regular grooming is essential too, especially for long-haired breeds like Colonel Meow.

Creating a comfortable environment for these cats is also crucial.

They need lots of toys, scratch posts, and cozy spots for naps.

Filming them can be stressful, so breaks and a calm space are important.

Owners’ Perspectives

Owners of famous internet cats often find themselves adjusting to a new lifestyle. Henri’s owner talked about how his cat’s popularity was a surprise.

Filming Henri’s monologues took patience and creativity.

Sometimes, it meant waiting hours for the right moment.

Grumpy Cat’s owner had to balance media requests, merchandise, and her cat’s needs.

Ensuring that Grumpy Cat was never overstressed was a priority.

The same goes for Lil Bub’s owner, who spent extra time ensuring Lil Bub, with her genetic anomalies, was comfortable and happy.

Owners also deal with the business side, managing social media accounts and coordinating collaborations.

Despite the pressures, most feel it’s worthwhile, given the joy these cats bring to fans worldwide.

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