11 Adorable Cats Who Love Water: Splashing and Playing

Are you a cat lover who thinks felines and water don’t mix? You might be surprised! Some cats actually enjoy getting their paws wet and can be quite fond of playing in water.

11 cats playing in water, some splashing, others swimming, all with joyful expressions

Discover 11 adorable cats who break the stereotype and love water. These kitties challenge the usual perception of cats hating water and bring joy to their owners with their playful splashes and swims.

Stay with us to learn more about these unique feline friends.

1) Bengal Cats Frolicking in Pools

Bengal cats are unique among domestic cat breeds because they love water.

This fascination can be traced back to their ancestors, the Asian leopard cats.

These wild cats hunted and fished in water, and this trait seems to have passed down to Bengal cats today.

You’ll often find Bengal cats enjoying various water activities.

They might splash around in a shallow pool or follow you straight into the shower.

It’s not unusual for them to stick their paws into their water bowl or even jump into the bathtub.

Some Bengal cats even take their love of water further.

They might dive into a backyard pool on a hot day, paddling around like little furry swimmers.

If you have a Bengal cat, you can encourage this behavior by providing safe water activities.

Remember to supervise your Bengal cat during water play.

While they usually enjoy the water, it’s important to ensure they are always safe.

You might want to set up a small kiddie pool or let them play with a running faucet for fun.

2) Turkish Vans’ Love Affair with Water

Turkish Vans are often called “swimming cats” because of their unique love for water.

These cats aren’t just fascinated with water—they actively seek it out.

You might find your Turkish Van dipping a paw in their water dish or even attempting to join you in the bathtub.

It’s rare and delightful to see a cat enjoying water this much.

Their attraction to water likely stems from their ancient origins near Lake Van in Eastern Turkey.

The breed has adapted to the local conditions, showing a natural interest in swimming.

Turkish Vans have semi-longhaired fur that’s thick and soft.

This fur is somewhat water-resistant, which makes swimming enjoyable for them.

It helps keep them warm and dry quicker after their aquatic adventures.

The breed’s playfulness extends to water.

They might splash around or chase toys in shallow pools, combining playtime with a cool dip.

Having a Turkish Van means you’ll always need to keep an eye on water sources around your home.

They are curious and adventurous, making any pond, fountain, or even a running tap an irresistible playground for them.

Enjoy the unique charm of owning a water-loving feline!

3) Maine Coon’s Bathtub Shenanigans

Ever watched a Maine Coon in action around a bathtub? They’re like little water-loving comedians!

These big, fluffy cats love playing in the tub.

You might find them batting at the water droplets or even jumping in with you, totally fascinated by the splashes.

Their thick, water-repellent fur keeps them warm and dry.

So, no wonder they’re so bold around water.

It’s almost like they’re made for these fun, wet escapades.

Don’t be surprised if your Maine Coon decides to join your bath.

They might sit on the edge, dip their paws in, or just watch intently.

Sometimes, they even enjoy a little paddle around.

It’s like having a playful little lifeguard right in your bathroom!

4) Sphynx Cats’ Bath Time Fun

Sphynx cats are unique and so adorable.

They don’t have fur, so giving them baths is important.

What makes it fun is that many Sphynx cats actually love water!

Kiri, a Sphynx cat, is a great example.

Kiri enjoys her baths so much, she even wears a tiny shower cap.

She loves to splash around and doesn’t want to leave the tub.

To make bath time even more exciting, some Sphynx cat owners use bubbles and bath toys.

Watching these cats play in water can be a pure joy.

Have you ever seen a cat that just won’t get out of the bath? Sphynx cats can be that way.

It’s like they’re having too much fun to stop.

Next time you’re bathing your Sphynx, try using bath toys or let them wear a cute shower cap.

You might be surprised how much they enjoy it.

It’s a special bonding time for you and your cat.

5) Savannah Cats Splashing Around

Savannah cats are known for their love of water.

Unlike most cats, they enjoy swimming and playing in it.

You might find them splashing in a pool or having fun in a bathtub.

These cats have some wild ancestry, being a hybrid between a serval and a domestic cat.

This mix makes them adventurous and curious about water.

Their coats dry quickly, so they don’t mind getting wet.

You might catch your Savannah cat sticking its head under the faucet or even pawing at water in a sink.

Watching a Savannah cat play with water is a delight.

They may jump into a shower or swim in shallow water without hesitation.

If you have one, consider dedicating some water playtime for them.

Seeing your Savannah cat so happy and active around water is sure to bring a smile to your face.

These cats are truly unique with their love for splashing around.

6) Abyssinian Cats at the Beach

Eleven Abyssinian cats play in the sand and surf at the beach, some frolicking in the waves while others lounge in the sun

If you’re looking for a furry friend that might enjoy the beach, an Abyssinian cat could be a great choice.

These cats have a curious and playful nature that makes them fun to be around.

Abyssinians are known to be adventurous.

They might be intrigued by the new sights and sounds at the beach, like the waves crashing and the birds flying overhead.

Just imagine your Abyssinian chasing after a beachball or exploring the shoreline.

Although they may not dive into the water like a dog, Abyssinians can be comfortable getting their paws wet.

You might catch them dipping their feet in the shallow water or playing with the small waves.

The beach provides plenty of spots for an Abyssinian to explore.

They can climb on rocks, sniff the seaweed, and enjoy the open space.

Just make sure to keep an eye on them to ensure they stay safe.

Don’t forget to bring fresh water and a shaded spot for your kitty.

The beach sun can be strong, and it’s crucial to keep your Abyssinian hydrated and cool.

Taking your Abyssinian cat to the beach can be a delightful experience.

It’s a perfect outing that combines their love for adventure with some quality time outdoors.

Just prepare well and enjoy the sandy fun together!

7) Manx Cats Playing with Water

Manx cats are pretty unique with their stubby tails, but did you know they also love water? These cats are playful and curious, making them big fans of splashing around.

You might see your Manx dunking its paws in its water bowl or even dropping toys in there.

It’s not just for drinking—it’s playtime!

It’s common to find a Manx cat dabbing at water with their paws.

They might try to scoop water out or just enjoy the feel of it.

Sometimes, Manx cats will even hop into the bathtub or shower if they get the opportunity.

They don’t mind getting a little wet.

So, if you have a Manx cat, don’t be surprised if it turns your water bowl into a mini playground!

8) Siberian Cats and Their Water Bowls

Eleven Siberian cats playing around with their water bowls, splashing and drinking with joy

Siberian cats are one of the breeds that really enjoy water.

These fluffy felines are known to play with their water bowls.

You might find your Siberian dipping its paws in the bowl or even splashing water around.

They have a thick coat that often helps them stay dry, despite their love for water play.

It’s not unusual for them to come running when they hear the sound of water.

This curiosity keeps them entertained and playful.

Make sure to keep their water bowl clean and filled.

Adding a shallow dish with more water might keep them busy and happy.

Watching a Siberian cat interact with water is a fun experience that shows off their unique personality.

9) American Shorthair’s Water Dish Dives

You might be surprised to find your American Shorthair fascinated with water.

This breed has a playful nature, and sometimes that means diving right into their water dish!

You could catch them batting at the water or even splashing in it.

It’s their way of having fun, and it keeps them entertained.

If you notice your American Shorthair making a mess, you might want to invest in a heavier water dish.

This might help prevent spills and keep your cat hydrated without the splash zone.

10) Oriental Shorthair Pets in the Pool

Oriental Shorthairs are not the first breed you think of when it comes to water.

However, these cats can be surprisingly fond of taking a dip.

Their slender, elegant bodies seem perfectly built for sleek, smooth movements in the water.

When introducing your Oriental Shorthair to a pool, start slow.

Use shallow water first, letting them get used to the feeling.

Always ensure they feel safe and comfortable.

Many Oriental Shorthairs enjoy splashing around and playing in the water.

They might even follow you into the pool out of curiosity.

Keep an eye on them to prevent any accidents, and never leave them unattended.

Some owners also mention that their Oriental Shorthairs love interactive toys in the water.

Floating balls or water-safe toys can make their pool time even more enjoyable.

Just remember to supervise closely to keep the fun safe.

11) Japanese Bobtail’s Water Play

The Japanese Bobtail is quite the splash when it comes to water.

Unlike most cats, they actually enjoy getting wet.

This breed has a water-resistant coat, so they don’t mind a bit of water fun.

Their coat keeps them from getting soaked, which might be why they enjoy playing around.

You’ll often find a Japanese Bobtail dabbling its paws in water dishes or even trying to catch drips from a faucet.

They’re known to be very curious and playful, so it’s not unusual to see them having a good time with water.

Their short, bobbed tails are unique and cute.

When they play in water, their tails curl up, adding to their charm.

Watching a Japanese Bobtail interact with water is truly a delight.

These cats bring a lot of joy with their love for water.

Understanding Cats’ Relationship with Water

Some cats totally love water, while others absolutely hate it.

From historical reasons to common misconceptions, there’s plenty to learn about why cats feel the way they do about getting wet.

Why Some Cats Love Water

Many cat breeds enjoy water because of their history or unique traits.

For example, Maine Coons are known for their seafaring past, with many having lived on ships.

Their thick, water-resistant coats make them comfortable in water.

The Turkish Van is also famous for loving water.

Known as the “swimming cat,” it has a water-repellent coat that makes swimming fun.

Some cats just enjoy the texture and playfulness of water.

They may bat at a dripping faucet or lounge in a shallow pool.

Being near water is even more fun for energetic and adventurous cats.

The Bengal and Abyssinian breeds, known for their playful and curious nature, may find water irresistible.

Common Myths About Cats and Water

A common myth is that all cats hate water.

This isn’t true.

While many cats do avoid it, there are several that enjoy playing in water.

The belief that cats hate water likely comes from domestic cats whose ancestors lived in dry, desert areas where water was scarce.

Another myth is that cats can’t swim.

In reality, many cats are quite capable swimmers.

Breeds like the Turkish Van and the Maine Coon often enjoy a good swim.

Even if your cat doesn’t like baths, it doesn’t mean they can’t swim.

Lastly, some think that getting a cat wet will always stress them out.

While it’s true for many cats, those that love water may find it relaxing.

Always consider your cat’s individual preferences and history before making assumptions.

Tips for Encouraging Cats to Enjoy Water

Helping your cat get used to water can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you.

You can make water activities a source of joy rather than stress for your feline friend with the right approach.

Introducing Water Play Safely

Start by getting your cat used to water slowly.

Use a shallow dish of water and let them investigate.

Gradually increase the water level as they become more comfortable.

Use treats and toys to create a positive association.

This can make them look forward to water time.

Place treats or favorite toys near the water or even in it.

Never force your cat into water.

This can cause fear and stress.

Let them approach and interact at their own pace.

Observe your cat’s behavior closely.

If they seem scared or uncomfortable, take a step back and try again later.

Patience is key.

Fun Water Activities for Cats

Offer a shallow kiddie pool with a few inches of water.

Put floating toys in the pool to encourage your cat to play and splash around.

Set up a running water fountain.

Many cats are fascinated by moving water.

A pet water fountain can provide endless entertainment.

Create an indoor “fishing” game.

Fill a basin with water and float lightweight toys on the surface.

Your cat can “fish” them out, combining play with water exposure.

Try water-safe toys like rubber ducks or floating balls.

These can entice your cat to engage with water more actively.

Use the bathtub or sink.

Some cats enjoy playing with a slow stream of water from the faucet.

Let them bat at the water with their paws or jump in and out.

Health Benefits of Water Play for Cats

Playing in water can provide a lot of physical exercise and mental enrichment for your cat.

It can help them stay fit, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being.

Physical Exercise and Stimulation

When your cat plays in water, it’s an excellent way to get them moving.

Splashing and paddling around helps strengthen their muscles.

It’s also a fun way for them to burn off excess energy.

Cats that enjoy water often expend a lot of energy chasing floating toys or trying to catch moving water.

This keeps their bodies active and promotes better joint health.

Another benefit is hydration.

While playing, cats might drink more water, which is important for their kidney function and overall health.

Mental Enrichment

Water play can also boost your cat’s mental health.

It introduces a new and exciting element to their environment.

This novelty keeps their minds sharp and engaged.

For curious cats, trying to figure out water can be a fun puzzle.

They might be captivated by the reflections, ripples, and sounds.

This stimulation can reduce anxiety and prevent boredom.

Interactive toys like floating balls or automated water fountains can enhance this experience, making it even more enriching for your feline friend.

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