13 Discontinued Ice Cream Flavors We Crave: Taste Buds Beg for a Comeback

Ice cream lovers like you probably remember the joy of discovering new and exciting flavors at your favorite ice cream shop, especially during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Over time, many of these unique and beloved flavors have been taken off the shelves, leaving you with just the sweet memories. So, what happened to those once-popular discontinued ice creams that you still crave today?

Nostalgia often brings back a flood of memories, especially when it comes to treats from your childhood.

Whether it’s a special flavor that existed only for a limited time or a brand that no longer makes your favorite, you might wonder why they disappeared.

1) Ben & Jerry’s Wavy Gravy

You remember Wavy Gravy.

It’s the kind of flavor that brings back the wild and groovy vibes of the past.

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Introduced by Ben & Jerry’s in the early 1990s, it reflects the spirit of the ’60s and ’70s.

Ben & Jerry’s named it after the peace activist and entertainer, Wavy Gravy.

The flavor had a unique mix of caramel and nuts, paired with fudge, that hit just right.

People loved the rich blend of flavors but, just like the era it represented, Wavy Gravy had its time and then faded.

Some fans still reminisce about its smooth taste and wish for a comeback.

If you ever got to taste Wavy Gravy, count yourself lucky.

It was different in the best way, a true staple of its time.

2) Haagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding

You might remember the delightful taste of Haagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This flavor was inspired by the classic British dessert.

The ice cream had chunks of moist toffee pudding mixed in.

You could taste the rich, sweet caramel and notes of brown sugar.

This flavor originally came out as part of a special promotion and quickly became a fan favorite.

Its creamy texture combined with the toffee bits made it a unique treat.

It’s no wonder people miss this flavor.

It was like having a luxurious dessert experience right from your freezer.

3) Breyers Viennetta

Did you ever get to try Viennetta in the ’90s? It was like heaven in an ice cream cake.

Launched in the UK in 1982, it quickly became a favorite for many dessert lovers.

Viennetta was known for its unique, wavy layers of vanilla ice cream and crispy chocolate.

It wasn’t just any ice cream; it was a treat to be sliced and shared.

If you were lucky, you might have found it in grocery store freezers.

Each bite melted in your mouth, leaving you wanting more.

Your family gatherings or special celebrations felt extra fancy with a Viennetta on the table.

It had an impressive and elegant look that made it stand out.

After disappearing from U.S. stores for years, many fans begged for its return.

Now, it’s back, reminding you of those tasty moments and simpler times.

4) Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide

Do you remember Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide? If so, you were probably pretty excited when it made a brief comeback recently.

This flavor had a delicious mix of Irish cream liqueur-flavored ice cream, coffee fudge swirls, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

You might have discovered it in the 2000s, but Dublin Mudslide’s rich mix could easily remind you of ice creams from the past.

There’s a special spot for Dublin Mudslide in Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard, where they honor discontinued flavors.

Fans loved it for its unique blend of creamy, crunchy, and sweet tastes.

Whether you had it before or just heard about it, this one’s a classic fans can’t forget.

5) Blue Bell’s Red Velvet Cake

Blue Bell’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream is a flavor that many fans wish would come back.

It includes creamy Red Velvet Cake ice cream with bits of real red velvet cake swirled in.

You get a rich, smooth texture with tasty cake pieces in every bite.

This flavor first appeared a few decades ago and quickly became a favorite.

It combines the distinctive taste of red velvet cake with the cool, smooth texture of ice cream.

Fans often reminisce about how this unique blend set it apart from other ice cream flavors.

If you never got a chance to try this flavor, you missed out on a real treat.

It offered a mix of sweet cake pieces and creamy ice cream, which made every scoop a delight for those with a sweet tooth.

Sadly, Blue Bell decided to discontinue it, leaving its fans longing for its return.

There’s always hope that this beloved flavor might make a comeback, especially with Blue Bell’s recent tournaments bringing back favorite discontinued flavors.

6) Haagen-Dazs Black Walnut

Haagen-Dazs Black Walnut was a true classic that many fans still miss.

This flavor was rich and packed with the unique taste of black walnuts.

Introduced in the 1980s, Black Walnut stood out among other ice creams.

The creamy base combined with the bold, slightly bitter flavor of black walnuts made it unforgettable.

If you ever got to sample this flavor, you know how special it was.

The texture was slightly crunchy because of the walnut pieces, adding a nice contrast to the smooth ice cream.

It’s no wonder so many people were sad when it was discontinued.

For some, it was their go-to treat, and nothing else quite matched its distinctive taste.

7) Edy’s Swiss Orange Sherbet

Remember Edy’s Swiss Orange Sherbet? This unique flavor combined tangy orange sherbet with dark chocolaty chips.

The mix of citrus and chocolate made it a standout treat.

In the 1980s, this sherbet was a popular choice.

It was a go-to for both kids and adults.

You could easily find it at grocery stores and on ice cream trucks.

Fans of this flavor still talk about it today.

Some even started petitions to bring it back.

Edy’s Swiss Orange Sherbet created a loyal following that hasn’t faded, even after all these years.

If you ever tasted this sherbet, you know how special it was.

The creamy, fruity, and chocolatey goodness is something many people miss.

8) Ben & Jerry’s Fossil Fuel

Ben & Jerry’s Fossil Fuel was a truly unique flavor.

It featured sweet cream ice cream packed with chocolate cookie pieces, fudge dinosaurs, and a rich fudge swirl.

It was like a treasure hunt in every bite!

Introduced in the early 2000s, Fossil Fuel quickly became a fan favorite.

The playful combination of flavors made it stand out in the crowded ice cream aisle.

Who could resist the idea of finding a chocolate dinosaur in their dessert?

Sadly, Fossil Fuel found its way to Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard in 2016.

The decision to retire it wasn’t just about taste, but symbolic too.

Ben & Jerry’s aimed to make a statement about the importance of moving away from fossil fuels.

Fossil Fuel may be gone, but it lives on in the memories of those who got to enjoy its chewy, chocolatey goodness.

If you were lucky enough to try it, you know why this flavor is missed so dearly.

9) Good Humor Chocolate Eclair

If you grew up in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s, you probably remember Good Humor’s Chocolate Eclair bar.

This tasty treat had a layer of chocolate filling surrounded by vanilla ice cream and a cake coating.

It was simple, but always hit the spot on a hot summer day.

The chocolate center was rich and creamy.

The vanilla ice cream added a nice contrast to the chocolate.

The crunchy cake crumbs on the outside made each bite interesting.

Good Humor was known for bringing smiles to kids’ faces.

Ice cream trucks with the Good Humor logo would circle neighborhoods, and kids would chase them down to grab a Chocolate Eclair.

Whether you ate it poolside or after a school day, the Good Humor Chocolate Eclair holds a special place in many memories from those decades.

10) Baskin-Robbins Nuts About Malt

Back in the 1970s, Baskin-Robbins had a flavor called Nuts About Malt.

If you love malted milkshakes, this was the ice cream for you.

Nuts About Malt mixed creamy malted ice cream with crunchy nuts.

Each bite had a perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavors.

This flavor was a hit during hot summer days.

You’d find yourself daydreaming about it during long, sticky afternoons.

Sadly, Nuts About Malt was taken off the shelves.

Fans of this classic still reminisce about its unique taste.

11) Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Half Baked

You probably remember the classic Half Baked ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. Combining chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie and cookie dough, it was loved by many.

Now imagine adding peanut butter into the mix.

That’s what Peanut Butter Half Baked was all about.

It merged the familiar flavors of Half Baked with a swirl of peanut butter, making it even richer.

You got the best of both worlds with chunks of cookie dough and brownies, but the peanut butter added an extra creamy kick.

Fans of peanut butter and chocolate were thrilled, but for some reason, it didn’t stick around forever.

If you’re a fan of both Half Baked and peanut butter, you’re probably missing this flavor.

12) Ben & Jerry’s What a Cluster

You might remember Ben & Jerry’s What a Cluster if you were an ice cream fan in the 1980s.

This flavor was a delightful mix that just hit the spot.

It featured peanut butter ice cream mixed with caramel clusters, marshmallow swirls, and peanut buttery nougat.

Walking down memory lane, you’d recall the creamy texture and the burst of flavors that made each spoonful a treat.

The different textures from the marshmallow and caramel clusters added a unique experience.

It was perfect for those who loved a little bit of everything in their ice cream.

There’s just something about the combination of peanut butter and caramel that’s irresistible.

The nougat gave it that extra chewy bite, making What a Cluster unforgettable.

You couldn’t help but crave it during those hot summer days or as a comforting treat on a cozy evening.

13) Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Chocolate Chip

You might remember the days when Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Chocolate Chip was a go-to treat.

This flavor mixed smooth vanilla ice cream with chunks of rich, dark chocolate.

It was simple but delicious.

You could always count on this flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The creamy vanilla paired perfectly with the chocolate chips.

Back in the 1970s, this flavor was a big hit.

You may have found yourself hunting through various stores just to get your hands on a pint.

For many, it was a nostalgic favorite that reminded them of childhood.

Each spoonful was like a trip down memory lane.

Though it might be retired now, you can still remember those creamy, chocolatey bites.

History Of Discontinued Ice Cream Flavors

Discontinued ice cream flavors tell a story of changing tastes and trends.

Many beloved varieties came and went, especially during the vibrant decades of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Why Ice Cream Flavors Get Discontinued

Many reasons lead to ice cream flavors disappearing from shelves. Popularity is a big factor.

If a flavor doesn’t sell well, it naturally gets phased out.

Sometimes, production costs become too high, making it hard to keep certain flavors profitable.

Ingredient availability can also cause issues.

If a key ingredient becomes expensive or scarce, it can spell the end for that flavor.

Sometimes, brands need to make room for new creations, pushing older ones aside.

Iconic Flavors That Made A Mark

Häagen-Dazs took a risk with its Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream, but it didn’t last long.

This flavor mixed Irish cream liqueur into a rich dessert, which many found indulgent.

In another case, Ben & Jerry’s created the memorable Oatmeal Cookie Chunk.

This flavor, with its chunks of oatmeal cookies and cinnamon, was a fan favorite in the 1980s.

Talenti had its own star with the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Gelato.

This indulgent treat combined vanilla gelato with real oatmeal cookie pieces, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins.

Finally, the cult classic Wavy Gravy from Ben & Jerry’s offered a unique mix of caramel and cashew ice cream that left many fans heartbroken when it disappeared.

The Role Of Limited Edition Flavors

Limited edition ice creams play a special role in marketing and tapping into consumer nostalgia.

They create buzz and drive excitement among ice cream fans.

Marketing Strategies And Consumer Appeal

Limited edition flavors are a smart marketing move.

They create exclusivity and urgency.

When you know a flavor won’t be around forever, you’re more likely to try it now rather than later.

Brands often relaunch flavors that have specific seasonal appeal.

For example, peppermint during winter holidays or pumpkin spice in the fall.

This seasonal tie-in boosts sales and makes these flavors more memorable.

Consumer appeal also comes from the novelty.

Trying a new, unique flavor is fun and exciting.

These limited runs often use high-quality ingredients and clever combinations to catch your eye.

The Nostalgia Factor

Nostalgia plays a big role in why people love limited editions.

Flavors from the past, like those from the 1960s and 1970s, bring back childhood memories.

Ice cream brands bring back these flavors for limited times, creating a rush of warm feelings and happy memories.

For instance, think about the joy of tasting a banana split like you did as a kid.

Brands know that these emotional connections can make you a loyal customer.

By tapping into these nostalgic memories, brands keep older generations engaged and introduce younger people to classic flavors.

It’s a win-win for both the companies and the customers.

What Drives Consumer Demand

Consumer demand for ice cream is often influenced by trends and fan loyalty to specific flavors.

The 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s brought unique flavors and cult favorites that people still remember today.

Flavor Trends Over The Years

Ice cream flavors have changed a lot over the decades.

In the 1960s, simple flavors like vanilla and chocolate were really popular.

The 1970s saw a rise in unique flavors like rum raisin and butter pecan.

By the 1980s, companies got bolder with their choices.

Flavors like Peanut Butter and Jelly became available, and even though some didn’t last long, they left a lasting impression.

You might remember Crème Brûlée ice cream from this era, a flavor inspired by the fancy dessert that was simpler to enjoy.

These flavors reflect how people’s taste evolves from basic to adventurous.

Cult Followings For Certain Flavors

Some ice cream flavors have a very strong following, even if they’re not available anymore.

When a flavor gains a cult following, it means people are really passionate about it and often demand its return.

For example, some ice cream fans still talk about Ben & Jerry’s discontinued flavors.

You might recall how flavors like Peanut Butter and Jelly drew loyal fans.

These flavors stood out because they offered something different from the usual options.

Even decades later, people still ask for these retired flavors.

This shows that a dedicated group of fans can keep the memory of a flavor alive for many years.

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