The 15 most popular psychology websites (March 2023)

Our list of 15 great psychology websites that offer research news on just about every aspect of human behavior, updated in June of 2022.

Psychology websites are probably the best way to keep up with the latest news in current psychology.

Featuring a wide range of psychology news and articles, you’ll learn all about this fascinating science of the mind.

Introduction: the top psychology websites

And who wouldn’t want to know more? Psychology, after all, is the study of human behavior and mental processes including perception, cognition, emotion, personality, motivation, behaviour, and interpersonal relationships.

It’s a science that attempts to explain human behaviour by understanding thoughts and feelings.

But most of us don’t have the time or resources to explore the latest developments in the field.

Fortunately, there’s the Internet.

We’ve put together a list of 15 great psychology websites that offer research news on just about every aspect of human behavior.

We’ve sorted them based on how much monthly traffic they get, according to figures from analytics firm SimilarWeb.

Psychology Today 

  • About: Launched in 1967, Psychology Today has since grown into “the world’s largest mental health and behavioral science destination online.”
  • Monthly traffic: 24 million

VeryWell Mind

  • About: “Verywell Mind is a trusted and compassionate online resource that provides the guidance you need to improve your mental health and find balance.” 
  • Monthly traffic: 19 million

Scientific American Mind 

  • About: Scientific American Mind used to be a magazine devoted to psychology, neuroscience, and related fields. It has since become part of the Scientific American website (now under the category Mind and Brain). Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States, launched in 1845.
  • Monthly traffic: 11 million

Psych Central

  • About: Psych Central “sift[s] through the science and provide you with only the most credible information validated by our medical review team.”
  • Monthly traffic: 2.8 million

Simply Psychology

  • About: Simply Psychology was originally designed psychology students from the UK, but now covers a broad spectrum of engaging and informative psychology articles that are simple enough to be understood by students of all levels, in a user-friendly format.”
  • Monthly traffic: 2.7 million

Positive Psychology

  • About: As “the world’s most extensive, science-based positive psychology platform,” Positive Psychology aims to “provide professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to apply positive psychology in real-life settings, and make a difference in people’s lives.”
  • Monthly traffic: 2.0 million


  • About: That would be this psychology website right here, the one you’re reading now. As we like to say, “PsychNewsDaily brings you the latest psychology news, from neuroscience and psychometrics to mental health and more.”
  • Monthly traffic: 1,600,000

Psychiatric Times

  • About: “Psychiatric Times is a medical trade publication written for an audience involved in the profession of psychiatry. It is published monthly by MJH Associates and is distributed to about 50,000 psychiatrists monthly.”
  • Monthly traffic: 1.0 million

BPS Research Digest

  • About: Published by the British Psychological Society since 2003, “the Research Digest showcases psychological science while also casting a critical eye over its methods.”
  • Monthly traffic: 840,000


  • About: “PsyPost is an independently-owned psychology and neuroscience news website dedicated to reporting the latest research on human behavior, cognition, and society.”
  • Monthly traffic: 795,000

Happier Human

  • About: “Taking research from positive psychology, the science of happiness, and turning it into actionable steps for a better life.
  • Monthly traffic: 537,000


  • About: PsychReg is wide-ranging psychology website that publishes articles, hosts events, and also has a YouTube channel and an open-access journal.
  • Monthly traffic: 272,000


  • About: “PsyBlog covers mostly peer reviewed science that provides insights into how the mind works, self-improvement, mental health, habit change, happiness, intelligence, learning, memory and much more besides.”
  • Monthly traffic: 175,000


  • About: “ is the UK’s leading therapist matching service … We have over 1000 therapist members and a huge library of articles and resources on mental health, self-development and wellbeing. Our mission is to improve mental wellbeing support for all, through better access, understanding and efficiency.”
  • Monthly traffic: 157,000

Mind Hacks

  • About: “Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain.”
  • Monthly traffic: 81,000

Conclusion: psychology websites keep you in the know

Whether you’re looking to understand the workings of the mind better, or simply want to learn about the science of being human, there are plenty of awesome psychology websites to help.

From scientific journals to blogs and educational resources, there’s so much to learn about the human brain.

Check them out often to help you better understand how our minds work, and maybe even how you can use that knowledge to make yourself happier.

Know of any great psychology websites that are missing from our list? Drop us a line here.

Photo: by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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