31 Awesome Affirmations for Money

Take control of your money mindset! 💵 Start each day with these affirmations for money 💰 to boost your financial security. 💸

Affirmations are a form of self-help, and are often used for therapeutic purposes. And affirmations for money are a perfect example.

They are statements, either spoken or written, that one repeats to oneself with the goal of changing one’s thoughts and behaviors.

The basic idea behind affirmations is that they are powerful, positive thoughts that you repeat to yourself over and over again, until they become a reality.

So what are “affirmations for money”?

Affirmations for money, as you might expect, are affirmations specifically designed to help you change your thoughts about money, and allow you to think more positively about it.

This is important, because most people have a lot of negative thoughts about money. They might not believe, for example, that they deserve money. Or that they will make enough of it to be satisfied in life. But using affirmations can change all that, because they are powerful tools you can use to shape your reality.

In other words, these are positive thoughts that you tell yourself over and over again, which, through that very repetition, can help you to manifest your desires.

So, below are some daily affirmations for money that can you can start using today.

Top 10 Empowering Daily Affirmations For Money

1. I have enough money to meet my needs.

2. I am wealthy, healthy, and happy.

3. Money is flowing into my life.

4. I am open to receiving abundance.

5. I am creating wealth.

6. I am prosperous and prosperous people like me.

7. I know that I will always have plenty of money, because it is my natural state of being.

8. Money flows to me effortlessly.

9. I am generating money on all levels of my life.

10. I am deserving of the riches that I desire.

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21 More Great Money Affirmations

  1. My income is always increasing.
  2. Money can’t stay away from me.
  3. I deserve to have all that I need and more.
  4. Money flows freely to me and through me.
  5. Money is easy and plentiful for me.
  6. I am a prosperous, abundant person.
  7. I always have more than enough money for what I need and want.
  8. I am a money magnet.
  9. I have an abundant supply of money.
  10. Every day, I make more and more money.
  11. I have a large sum of money in the bank.
  12. I am a bountiful millionaire.
  13. Money is a positive tool in my life.
  14. My relationship with money is healthy.
  15. Every day I grow richer.
  16. I have plenty of money to meet my needs.
  17. I am confident that I will manifest the financial resources I need in the time frame that I need them.
  18. I am worthy of receiving money.
  19. Money is a natural part of my life.
  20. I feel good about myself because I can be financially responsible.
  21. Money is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve what is important to me.

3 Longer Money Affirmations

  1. I enjoy the thrill of satisfying financial obligations while living in balance with my finances at all times because I love managing money responsibly while having plenty of it!
  2. My bank account is always full. My bills are always paid. I am able to do what I want, when I want, because I am wealthy!
  3. I love money. Money loves me. Money helps me have more abundance in my life.

Conclusion: these affirmations will get you started

These daily affirmations for money should be used as a tool to help you set goals.

They will give you the motivation and confidence needed to bring you closer to your dreams.

Money is often a subject that people worry about, and who can blame them? No one wants to be destitute, hungry, or lacking of resources.

The above list of affirmations for money is a great starting point for those new to affirmations, as they are general enough that you don’t need any sort of technical background to understand them.

So get started today!

Thanks for reading!

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