8 Discontinued Snacks from the 1970s That We Wish Would Make a Comeback – Nostalgic Treats You’ll Crave!

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about the snacks you used to enjoy when you were younger? Whether it’s the taste, the fun packaging, or the memories they bring back, there’s something special about those long-gone treats. Many snacks from the 1970s hold a special place in our hearts, and it’s no surprise that people still talk about them with fondness.

From school lunches to after-school treats, these snacks were a big part of our childhoods.

They’ve been out of production for years, yet the demand for their return remains strong.

You might even find that some of these snacks bring a wave of nostalgia as you remember how great they tasted.

1) Space Food Sticks

Space Food Sticks were a fun snack born from the excitement of the space race.

Created in the late 1960s by Pillsbury, they were designed to be a convenient energy source.

You could think of them as one of the first energy bars, long before today’s options.

These sticks were chewy and packed with balanced nutrition.

Each stick had the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, making them a handy snack for kids and adults alike.

They weren’t just practical; they had a cool factor because of their connection to astronauts.

Kids loved pretending they were eating the same food as space travelers.

By the 1970s, Space Food Sticks had become a popular snack.

They were marketed as a healthy option and had a unique taste and texture that set them apart from other treats.

You might find it hard to believe, but they were even advertised as improving a child’s nutrition.

Sadly, these snacks eventually disappeared from store shelves.

Despite their short run, many people who grew up in that era still remember them fondly.

2) Marathon Bar

If you were around in the 1970s, you might remember the Marathon Bar.

Produced by the Mars company, this candy bar was introduced in 1973.

It stood out with its length—an impressive 8 inches—and came in a bright red wrapper with a ruler printed on it.

The Marathon Bar was made of braided chocolate and caramel.

Fans loved its chewy texture and the fun design.

It was like no other candy bar on the market.

Despite its popularity, the Marathon Bar was discontinued in 1981.

People still talk about it and even the Bulk Candy Store staff miss it.

The Marathon Bar’s unique look and taste left a lasting impression on candy lovers from that era.

Even today, some candy enthusiasts hope for its return.

There’s a nostalgic feeling tied to the Marathon Bar, making it one of those snacks from the past you’d love to see again.

3) Banana Flip

Banana Flips were a beloved snack cake from the 1970s.

You might remember biting into the soft banana-flavored cake filled with rich, creamy icing.

It’s the type of snack that left a lasting impression on your taste buds.

The cake had just the right balance of sweetness and banana flavor.

It was perfect for a quick treat or an after-school snack.

People loved its unique taste and texture.

Kids back then would often crave a Banana Flip during lunch or as a tasty reward at the end of the day.

Sadly, the demand for Banana Flips declined, and manufacturers stopped making them.

As fewer people bought them, they slowly disappeared from store shelves.

While other snacks have tried to step in, nothing truly compares to the original Banana Flip.

If you ever had one, it’s easy to understand why many wish they would make a comeback.

4) Choco’Lite

If you loved chocolate bars in the 1970s, you probably remember Choco’Lite.

This candy bar was unique because of its airy texture.

When you bit into it, you got a light, crispy crunch that was different from other chocolate bars.

Choco’Lite was made by Nestlé and had little air pockets inside the chocolate.

This made it feel lighter and melt in your mouth in a fun way.

It was a popular choice among kids and adults alike.

Its distinctive taste and texture left a lasting impression on many.

Despite its popularity, Choco’Lite disappeared from store shelves.

Many people still wish they could enjoy that unique, airy chocolate bar again.

5) Magic Middles

If you were a kid in the 1980s, you probably remember Magic Middles.

These tasty cookies had a unique twist.

They were buttery shortbread cookies with a gooey, chocolatey center.

Keebler made these cookies, and they became a hit.

The chewy middle paired perfectly with the crunchy outside, making each bite a fun surprise.

Even though they were so popular, Magic Middles disappeared from store shelves.

Some say it’s because they were hard to produce, even though so many people loved them.

Fans have tried to bring them back.

There are even social media groups dedicated to this cause.

People really miss that special treat from their childhood.

Wouldn’t it be great to see them on store shelves again? Imagine savoring that gooey center just like you did back in the day.

6) Danish Go-Rounds

Danish Go-Rounds were a beloved snack from the late 1960s and 1970s.

Introduced by Kellogg’s in 1968, these pastries were an instant hit.

They featured fruit filling wrapped in an oval-shaped dough, making them a sweet and easy breakfast option.

If you loved Pop-Tarts, you’d probably remember Danish Go-Rounds fondly.

They were similar but had a unique twist with their shape and texture.

The filling options were delicious, often filled with fruit like strawberries or apples.

One of the memorable promotions included 3-D baseball cards in the early 70s.

Collecting these cards became almost as exciting as eating the pastry itself.

The combination of collectible cards and tasty snacks created many happy memories.

Retro snacks often hold a special place in your heart.

Danish Go-Rounds are no exception.

The nostalgia they bring back makes you wish they were still on grocery store shelves today.

7) Purple People Eater Popsicles

Purple People Eater Popsicles were a hit with kids back in the 1970s.

These icy treats were inspired by the popular song “Purple People Eater” and had a unique grape flavor.

You might remember friends raving about their bright, fun color.

These popsicles were perfect for summertime.

They made those hot days a little more bearable.

Not only did they taste great, but they also came with funny, collectible sticks.

Kids would compare and trade them at school or in the neighborhood.

Despite their popularity, they eventually disappeared from store shelves.

Many still reminisce about their delicious taste and playful design.

It’s time for these nostalgic treats to make a comeback!

8) Pizza Spins

Pizza Spins, introduced by General Mills in 1968, were one of those snacks that left a lasting impression.

You can almost taste the zesty, pizza-flavored crunch with every bite.

They didn’t just look like pizza but also brought the savory goodness right to your snack time.

To keep them crispy, each package had a special reclosable inner foil lining.

This ensured every bite stayed crunchy and fresh.

These were perfect for munching on during TV time or sharing with friends at parties.

Sadly, Pizza Spins disappeared from supermarket shelves around 1975.

The exact reason for their discontinuation remains a bit of a mystery.

Despite their short time on the market, Pizza Spins are still fondly remembered.

Many wish they would make a comeback.

Nostalgia and Snack Culture

The 1970s were a time when snacks weren’t just food; they were part of the everyday experience.

Many people have fond memories of these delicious treats.

Role of Snacks in the 1970s

During the 1970s, snacks were often enjoyed during after-school TV sessions and family gatherings.

You might remember munching on Doritos 3D or sipping on a Squeezit.

These snacks weren’t just tasty; they were fun and engaging.

Supermarkets also had a different layout back then, with colorful aisles dedicated to innovative products. Pizza Spins, launched by General Mills in 1968, was a perfect example of the creativity in snack foods.

Its mix of tomato, pepper, and cheese made it a hit among kids.

School lunchboxes played a big role in the popularity of certain snacks.

Treats like Eggo WA-FULLS added excitement to your meal breaks, making them highly anticipated parts of the day.

In retrospect, the 1970s snacks are sorely missed not only for their flavors but for the memories they bring back.

Why We Miss These Snacks

These discontinued snacks from the 1970s hold a special place in our hearts.

Their unique flavor profiles and the cultural impact they had during their time make them truly memorable.

Flavor Profiles

The taste of these snacks was truly one of a kind.

For example, Tang, the orange-flavored drink mix, was not just a burst of citrus.

It was a part of childhood breakfasts for many. Hubba Bubba Gum came in big cubes and had intense fruit flavors that were way different from today’s gum options.

On the other hand, Bugles offered a crunchy, salty delight that you could wear on your fingers. Onyums and Pizza Spins added a punch of flavor that wasn’t common in other snacks.

These snacks often became the centerpieces of school lunches, partly because they had flavors that were both bold and addictive.

Cultural Impact

These snacks weren’t just about taste; they represented a specific time in pop culture. Space Food Sticks, for instance, were inspired by the space race.

You might remember pretending you were an astronaut munching on these chewy sticks.

Squeezit fruit drinks were another big hit, especially for kids’ pool parties or snack times.

The fun, squeezable bottles added an element of play. Potato Crisps had a unique texture and flavor that made them stand out from regular potato chips.

Each of these snacks brought a sense of community and nostalgia.

They weren’t just food items but pieces of your history, sparking memories of simpler times.

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