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Angel Numbers: What These Special Numbers Mean for You

Angel numbers are a series of numbers that are thought to come from a higher power. But what do they mean for you?

Have you ever had days when you seem to see the same numbers everywhere you look?

Maybe the clock says it is 2:22 and then you pass a car that has 222 on the license plate. You stop for coffee and a pastry, and the bill comes to $2.22.

An angel number is often seen as a sign from the universe: a sign that the divine is working on your behalf.

You can see angel numbers in all forms and shapes: an unexpected phone call or email, or in the lyrics of a song you hear on the street.

These things aren’t a mere coincidence: they are angels trying to give you a message.

We are guided on our true path by angels every day, but rarely do we get the chance to communicate with them.

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Think about it. It could be a bit frightening to look up and see an angel standing in front of you.

That’s why spiritual guides need another way to communicate with us, and numbers are ideal for this purpose.

Let’s explore angel numbers a bit further.

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What are angel numbers?

The entire universe is based on numbers. Numerologists have for centuries understood this. 

Angel numbers are numbers that are intended to get a divine message to you to help you through troubling times, or give you an acknowledgment that you are on the correct path.

They often appear in moments of doubt, or when you are confused as to what will happen next, and what choices you should make.

Our angels have long used various means to try to communicate with us.

They may send a particular song, enter your dreams, send feathers or coins, or play with electric lights.

Because numbers are so prevalent and have a special vibration, they are an ideal way to aid in this communication.

That is, as long as we are willing to take note and try to understand what is being said.

There are both universal angel numbers and personal ones (more on that difference below).

When you begin to notice a particular sequence, take time to concentrate on what you are thinking and feeling at the moment.

Very often, the answer to your question or problem is right there in front of you.

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What do angel numbers mean?

Angel numbers are seen to represent a meaning or a message from the angels.

They can be anywhere – the number sequence could appear in your bank statement, on license plates, on clocks and watches, or in many other places.

The significance of any particular angel number will depend on the person who sees it.

Some people believe that they are signs from loved ones who are no longer with us.

Others think of them as messages of encouragement, or even divine guidance.

In any case, if you see angel numbers (or even just one angel number) appearing over and over again and in many different ways, it is worth investigating its meaning.

Seeing the number means something, and it’s up to you to figure out what.

In general, one can say that signs, numerology, and energy all work together to guide people and relationships.

The universe has a way of showing you what you need to focus on, and where to find support.

You can find meaning and focus in both numerology and spirituality, and apply this wisdom to your career, relationships, and even to your dreams.

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What are my angel numbers?

We all have a personal angel number that follows us throughout life.

This number is often called our “life path number.” This is often what we think of when we think about our “lucky number.”

It is the one that our soul has chosen to help us stay on the road we must follow for true spiritual growth.

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To find out your personalized angel number, look at your date of birth.

We will use May 9, 1975, as our example.

Start by adding each part together: 5+9+1+9+7+5=36.

Next, we add the numbers in the total together: 3+6=9.

Your personal angel number would be nine, which is a number of completion.

This means that you will finish most of what you set out to accomplish during this lifetime.

It may indicate that this life is your final one on your spiritual journey.

Below, we explain what the other basic-level meanings of these numbers are.

Meanings of single-digit angel numbers

Try finding your own angel number as described above, and then look for the overall general meaning below.

If you are starting with a three-digit number, break it down into its component single-digit numbers (for example so that 214 becomes 2+1+4 = 7).

  1. The Individual: Success comes through expressing your individuality and working independently.
  2. The Diplomat: For you, success is achieved by working well with others and becoming a peacemaker.
  3. The Communicator: You will need to use your words and creativity to succeed. Many writers have this angel number.
  4. The Disciplined: Think judges and scientists here. Success comes from creating a system and paying attention to details.
  5. The Free Spirit: Success comes from never allowing yourself to become pinned down or fall into a rut. Explore the world.
  6. The Responsible One: This is the homemaker and healer’s sign of success. Giving service to protect those weaker than you is your destiny.
  7. The Analyst: Inner wisdom is at the forefront here. Gaining faith and trust will be your journey to success. Think “spiritual leader” here.
  8. The Powerful One: This is the sign of one who gains power and success in the material world.
  9. The Humanitarian: With this sign, your success comes from being of service to others in ways that change humanity.
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Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

As mentioned above, it is not uncommon for people to see the same number repeatedly.

For example, you could be walking outside and notice that you see this number on a sign, or in an address.

Some people believe that these numerically associated numbers are messages from angels or spirits, while others believe they are merely a coincidence.

The idea of angel numbers is popular in the New Age community. They believe that these numbers are messages from “above” or “beyond” about how they should live their lives.

Other people believe that these repeating numbers are a sign of good luck.

Consistent with all of these readings is the idea that you keep seeing angel numbers because your guiding spirits want to let you know that you are not alone.

It is their entire task to help you along the road your soul is meant to take, and they are doing what they can to get their message across.

Once you have gotten the message that they are trying to convey, you may find that you stop seeing those specific numbers.

Don’t worry, the angels are still there, and will be ready when they believe you are in need of guidance again.

Keep in mind that the more numbers there are in the sequence, the louder the message is being sent. This adds importance to it.

The repeating numbers are usually an indication that the universe is trying to tell you that you are heading in the right direction.

They are also suggesting that you are making progress in your life, or that you are ready to let go of something.

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How to use angel numbers

The best way you can use angel numbers is to first notice them.

Learn to define the general, universal meanings of your number, but also think about what that number may mean to you.

Take the time to explore what you are thinking and feeling when you think about your given number.

How does the message pertain to what you are going through?

Does it ease a doubt, or give you an idea of which direction you need to pursue?

Are you stuck in some way, and in need of a push forward?

Use your intuition. Ask for further signs if necessary.

Where do angel numbers come from?

While the angels are the ones that place a given number in front of us, they ultimately get those numbers from the divine, the universe, or whatever other name you give to the source energy of life.

The numbers come from the place we all originated, and the source to which we will one day return.

Angels and angel numbers are everywhere, and you can see them in everything. They are waiting for you to ask for their help, guidance, and support.

Angel Numbers Meaning

It isn’t always a sequence of the same number that has meaning, although this is the most common method of message conveyance.

Let’s look at both the “universal messages” and then some of the less common ones.

Popular angel numbers with two digits, three digits, and four digits

Below, we will look at the most popular series of 2, 3, and 4-digit angel numbers.

Angel numbers 11 / 111 / 1111

You are on the right path. Keep going in your current direction as you are about to reap the rewards of all the effort you have put in.

Angel numbers 22 / 222 / 2222

This is the most popular sequence. Remain adaptable and practice patience. All is turning out as it should.

Angel numbers 33 / 333 / 3333

You have veered off course a bit, but it is not too late to get back on track. You will soon be sent resources that you need to get you back where you need to be.

Angel numbers 44 / 444 / 4444

This usually appears when you are going through a rough period, and need to know that it matters that you don’t stop. You are building a foundation for the future. Stay strong.

Angel numbers 55 / 555 / 5555

Major changes are coming. These could be a change of career, a new way of looking at the world, a move across country.

Whatever the changes are, you are being prepared for the ride. These are changes that will make you stronger.

Angel numbers 66 / 666 / 6666

Your spiritual and material worlds are out of balance, and you need to work at restoring the balance.

There is also the chance you are doing something for someone that they would be better off doing for themselves.

People need to be left to learn their own lessons at times. We can help, but ultimately we can’t grow for them.

Angel numbers 77 / 777 / 7777

This is the most spiritual of numbers. The angels are happy with what you are doing, and are encouraging you to continue.

You are about to step into the next stage of your spiritual growth.

Angel numbers 88 / 888 / 8888

This is a message that you are entering a period of abundance. This includes not only money, but also love and happiness.

You are being asked to open up emotionally to those around you.

Angel numbers 99 / 999 / 9999

This normally appears when one chapter of life is coming to an end, and another is about to begin.

Be prepared to lose things that no longer support your spiritual growth, or are no longer needed. Endings are necessary to make room for the new.

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Some Of The Less Common Angel Numbers

  • Angel number 144: This is a reminder to old souls to remain true to their mission as spiritual teachers.
  • Angel number 808: You are being reminded that you are needed to serve humanity in some way. Join a cause, volunteer, be of service.
  • Angel number 911: You have been placed in a circle of protection. This may come at a time when you are experiencing an illness or emotional upheaval.
  • Angel number 72: This signifies you are about to witness a miraculous event.
  • Angel number 1212: A change of heart or mind is imminent.
  • Angel number 1313: Changes that will cause upheaval, and a tendency to resist. You are being asked to stop resisting, and realize that all is as it should be.
  • Angel number 1414: It is time to take stock of negative actions that no longer serve a purpose or are causing harm, such as addiction or staying in a harmful relationship.
  • Angel number 1234: You are being given a huge thumbs up. Keep moving forward and your efforts will soon pay off.

What are number sequences?

Number sequences are series of numbers that have a pattern. As such, a number sequence is often expressed as a list of numbers, which are usually in order.

When looking at number sequences, there are patterns that you can find by looking at the first few numbers in the series.

Most number sequences can be boiled down to a simple mathematical equation.

A popular type of number sequence is the “Fibonacci sequence.”

This is a formula where the previous two numbers are added together to generate the next number: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on.

An appealing thing about number sequences that is that they offer a sense of order and stability.

These sequences also provide a sense of direction and guidance to people who are trying to figure things out.

Final Thoughts

We are never truly alone in this world, even though it may seem so at times.

Your spiritual guides want to see you happy, and they want you to succeed in your soul’s purpose. Take time to notice the signs they send you.

Likewise, an angel number is often a reminder of that guidance. Angel numbers mean that the angels are sending you a positive and even divine sign.

The deeper we go in the exploration of both these positive and negative meanings, the more we can embrace the significance of what such an angel number is telling us.

Combined with our natural intuition, this knowledge will help us better understand what could happen next.

Of course, knowing more what these angel numbers mean is just one of many tools.

Angels have other ways of sending signs, often but not always related to numerology. Think for example of repeating sounds you hear everywhere as you go about your day.

These, too, are a form of divine positive energy that will help you delve deeper into your personal spirituality.

You are of course free to interpret the deeper meaning in any way you see fit.

The relationship that you see between, say, a triple-digit number and your search for its associated angels is a very private one, that only applies to your search, your destiny, and your abundance of spirit.

As your move forward, you will naturally begin to see more such connections between the spirit world and its related physical world.

This will happen on its own. Embrace these sounds.

The more you listen, the louder your guides will speak.

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