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What is an Astrocartography Chart? This Simple Guide Will Get You Started Right Away

We take a look at how you can get started interpreting an Astrocartography Chart to help make sense of your own life!

An astrocartography chart is your birth chart mapped out with all the orbits of the surrounding celestial bodies over the face of the earth, at the time and place you were born. 

You can work this out by providing the time of your birth, exact location and the month plus year you were born in.

Below, we’ll take a deeper look at how you can get started interpreting these charts in your own life.

A freeze-frame picture of the moment you were born

Everybody’s astrocartography chart is going to look completely different, meaning the planets are in different orbital locations for every person’s birth out there. 

It can be described as a “freeze-frame picture” of the night sky the moment you were born.

Invented as a social tool in the 1970s, Astrocartography has been used to change the lives of people all around the globe. 

Why don’t you follow their lead and learn more about how the separate parts of your life all weave in together!

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What Can Astrocartography Tell You?

Astrocartography can tell you about all aspects of your life. A few examples of what you can find out from your own personal chart include:

  • Dreams and hopes
  • The structure of your life
  • How your ambitions are tracking
  • The good fortune that you may encounter
  • Where you should be living to get the most from your life
  • How to release pent-up negative energy from your body

It’s said that reading the planetary lines correctly on your chart can essentially tell you about any part of your life — present, past, and future — that you are wanting to learn about.

What Each Line on an Astrocartography Map means:

Different lines represent the energies of different planets, and each aspect of the map relates to a different area in your life.

In this section, we’ll go through and discuss what each line on an astrocartography map may refer to:


The Ascendant line reflects your outer personality, self-expression methods, and your own individuality. 

Ascendant lines will show you how you come across to others and how others see you in their lives.


Descendant lines showcase your inner personality; specifically, how your inner self creates and maintains relationships with others. 

How you interact with others is super important to learn about, especially when this line can be paired with other strong emotional lines such as love.

Imuni Coeli

The Imuni Coeli line, or IC line as it is commonly known, shows you all about your past

Your origins, home, relationships with family and your security in life is all reflected in this line.

Medi Coeli

The Medi Coeli or MC line depicts your social standing and reputation within society. 

Using this line to your advantage can improve your success in business and your success amongst your peers and co-workers! 


The sun reflects how you feel from the inside and where you really want to end up. 

Having a strong sun line reflects that you wish to step up and shine within your career and other aspects of your life.

Developing your career and leaving a mark on the world is super important to those with a strong sun line. 

Social events and parties will be more available to you, you will be generally more seen.


All internal emotions, instincts and subconscious thoughts are shown by the moon. 

By looking at the moon line on the map you can tell how to best nourish yourself and your soul through self-care actions.


Studying the Mercury line on your astrocartography chart can give you details about how you communicate information to others

This line can also show you how you analyze and process any new information that you receive. 


Venus is all about love and the value that we place on ourselves. 

Your intimate relationships also come under the Venus line, as well as the pleasure you experience. Venus controls the ability you must manage conflict along with your finances.


Learning to read your Mars line will tell you all about your physical drive, energy, and best workout types for your body.

Some types of exercise are more spiritual and will be enjoyed by a more emotional sign, whereas some high-intensity workouts will be enjoyed by fiery, energetic signs.


Jupiter is the line that relates to luck, spirituality, and personal philosophies. By examining this closer you can learn how to follow what brings you the most passion in your life. 

Your personal adventures and travel are more aspects that Jupiter can teach you about.


The Saturn line depicts the structure of your life in relation to the big events and milestones you experience. 

Along with structure, Saturn promotes a lot of self-reflection on how we deal with hard work, commitments, and the limitations you have set for yourself.


If you are looking for insights into your involvement in innovation or technology, learn how to read your Uranus line. 

There is a large drive for change and fluidity from Uranus which is a nice change of pace from the structured Saturn.


Dreams and magic are what Neptune has to offer you if you delve into that line on your map. 

When you are in meditation, you may feel the mystical pull of Neptune guiding you through your soul searching. 

There is lots to learn from this line, such as how to live more honestly and the idea of mind-altering substances.


Life processes in the body such as death and rebirth come under the control of Pluto. 

There is a lot of psychological impact that Pluto has over your life, which learning about will help you get more in touch with how you are feeling about the larger forces outside of your control that you experience.


A Chiron is a place that will inevitably bring you healing and nourishment for your soul

You may have some core wounds that need to be healed, and a Chiron can bring you relief from this situation.

North and South Nodes

Both North and South nodes relate to where the moon is within its orbit of the earth.

A North Node allows your soul to grow whilst feeling destined to be in that place. 

Fate and destiny are what this node deals with the most, which leads to you being able to do a lot of soul-searching. 

A South Node allows you to feel free to release any part of yourself that no longer serves you positively. 

Examples of this could be bad stored-up energy or past versions of yourself that are no longer needed. 

Karma plays into this idea of past selves, and perhaps you have some negative karmic energy built up that you need to get rid of to grow. 

Final Thoughts on Your Astrocartographic Journey

Astrocartography is a skill that will take a lot of dedication to master. 

Learning how all the lines on a chart connect and interact is no easy feat, especially when there are no two charts alike.

Learning how to read your own chart, or getting a reading done by a professional may be incredibly beneficial to your life!

The lines that are mapped and decoded can tell you all sorts about your personality, career, lifestyle and so much more.

The celestial bodies in our solar system are wondrous and powerful; it’s undeniable.

Thanks for reading!

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