The Complete Guide to Astrocartography: How to Read & Relocate Your Astro Map

In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about astrocartography. By the end, you'll be able to read and relocate your astrological map with ease!

If you’re interested in astrology, then you’ve probably heard of astrocartography, which is is the practice of reading and relocating your astrological map using coordinates.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about astrocartography, from basics like Chiron lines and Uranus lines to more advanced concepts like North / South node lines and Saturn lines.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to read and relocate your astrological map with ease!

What is astrocartography?

Astrocartography is the art and science of using astrology to create world maps that are personal and unique, and useful in guiding us to our best destinations.

Astrocartographers often insist on joint readings for couples, families, and business teams in order to identify places that are most beneficial for living and working.

Astrocartography is not just for helping people find their best places to live and work; it can also help people find important relationships.

How can astrocartography be used to determine the best places to live or travel?

Astrocartography can be used to identify the most favorable locations for travel or relocation by taking into account the relationships between different astrological lines.

By considering the larger picture, astrocartographers can find spots that offer the best opportunities for success and happiness.

Checking the weather forecast before making any decisions is always a good idea, and using astrocartography can be thought of in a similar way.

This tool provides us with valuable insight into our personal lives and helps us make better choices for our future.

What are some common questions about astrocartography?

What is astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a complex practice that requires expertise in astrology and an understanding of how to interpret celestial information.

It is used as a tool to help individuals understand themselves and their circumstances.

How do I read an astrocartography map?

Astrocartography maps are interpreted by looking at the lines that connect different points on the map.

These lines represent the energy flow between different planets and points on the Earth.

By understanding the meaning of these lines, you can gain insights into your own life and circumstances.

What are some common questions about astrocartography? Answers to common questions about astrocartography

How can you get an astrocartography reading?

Astro cartography is the study of how an individual’s energy is affected by specific destinations around the world.

Through astrocartography, you can find out which cities impact your unique energetic signature and how to use this information to live life to the fullest and thrive.

You can book an astrocartography reading to learn more about your unique energetic signature and how to use this information to live life to the fullest and thrive.

How to Create Your Own Astrocartography Chart


Go to’s AstroClick Travel tab or AstroSeek.


Enter your birth information.


You’ll see a world map covered in many colorful intersecting and wavy lines.


Be warned: the map looks overwhelming at first, but through time and practice, interpreting it will become less elusive.

How does astrocartography work?

As someone who is interested in astrology, you may have heard of astrocartography.

Astrocartography is a tool that can be used to help you understand the relationships between the planets and your personal birth chart.

By looking at an astrocartography map, you can get a sense of where the planets were located at the time of your birth and how they relate to your current location.

If you’re interested in learning more about astrocartography, this guide will show you how to read and relocate your astrocartography map.

We’ll also provide some tips on how to use this tool to find the most advantageous spots for travel and relocation.

What the lines represent.

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The lines of the planets represent how the planets influence different parts of our lives.

Sleep support can help you understand your personal sleep cycle and improve it.

What is a Sun line?

The sun line is a line that represents your energy and where you’ll be the most in sync with your feelings and sense of self.

A Sun line is all about uplifting energy.

By traveling to places or living in places where your Sun line is, you’ll feel more in sync with yourself and at ease.

You’ll feel more in control of your own destiny wherever your Sun line draws over.

What is a Moon line?

The Moon line is the line that represents your emotions and feelings.

The Moon line is the line that represents your emotions and feelings.

It is a place where you are vulnerable and sensitive.

A Moon line represents the place where your past lives have lived.

What is a Mercury line?

A Mercury line is a line that represents communication and thought.

A Mercury line touches the ground in a certain location to indicate that it is a good place to talk or think about life choices.

What is a Venus line?

A Venus line is a type of astrology line that is associated with love, social life, community, and being a positive force in your existence.

The Venus line is good for the arts and things to do with beauty.

What is a Mars line?

A Mars line is a line that represents action and sex.

A Mars line can help you to feel more drive and passion.

What is a Jupiter line?

A Jupiter line is a place where you can go to gain more money, opportunities, and investments.

A Jupiter line can also be a great place to invest in higher education.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, so a Jupiter line represents an area of your life where these things are possible.

If you’re looking for a windfall of cash or an opportunity to improve your circumstances, look to the areas of your chart ruled by Jupiter.

What is a Saturn line?

The Saturn line is a difficult line that is known for hardship.

The Saturn line is known for learning life’s necessary tough lessons.

What is a Uranus line?

A Uranus line is a line that represents energy but also nerves.

A person under the influence of a Uranus line could feel restricted and this leads to a feeling of rebellion and wanting to free yourself.

The constant change could make you feel nervous and it could be too much for you in this area.

What is a Neptune line?

The Neptune line is a line that is under the planet Neptune.

The Neptune line can lead to a distorted sense of self.

What is a Pluto line?

A Pluto line is a line of important, transformational situations.

For example, a person’s birth chart may have a Pluto line running through it which indicates times of great change or upheaval.

What is a Chiron line?

A Chiron line is a deep healing line.

The lines represent potential for healing yourself and others.

According to astrology, Chiron lines can be used to understand your own personal journey of self-healing, as well as to help others heal from their own wounds.

What is a North / South node line?

Your north node represents fate and destiny, while your south node represents your karmic past.

So, if you’re looking to understand your life’s purpose and where you’re meant to be headed, look to your north node.

On the other hand, if you want to understand why you keep repeating certain patterns or making the same mistakes, look to your south node.

The bottom line.

Astrocartography is the study of how the planets and stars influence our lives.

It can be used to help us understand our personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as where we are most likely to find success or happiness.

Some believe that we are all influenced by the position of the planets at the time of our birth.

This is called natal astrology.

Astrocartography takes this a step further by looking at how the planets move over time, and how their positions can influence our lives throughout our lifetime.

There are different lines that can be drawn on an astrocartography map, each representing a different planetary influence.

For example, there is a line for Mars which represents energy and action, and another line for Venus which represents love and beauty.

By understanding what each line represents, we can gain insights into which areas of our life will be most affected by planetary influences.

Astrocartography can be used to help us make decisions about where to live, work or travel.

It can also be used to help us understand ourselves better and make the most of our talents and abilities.

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