Bruce Bolt: The New Go-To Batting Gloves in Baseball

BRUCE BOLT is making waves in the baseball community with their top-notch batting gloves and equipment. Founded in Austin, TX, this family-owned and operated company is committed to producing the highest quality and longest-lasting baseball gear. Their batting gloves are highly praised for their durability and comfort, crafted from 0.9mm Cabretta leather that is both soft and sturdy.

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For those who play baseball or are enthusiasts, BRUCE BOLT’s gloves offer a blend of performance and style.

Each pair is handmade by skilled craftsmen, ensuring a perfect fit and superior “feel.” The company’s mission focuses on providing both outstanding equipment and exceptional customer service.

This makes BRUCE BOLT a go-to option for serious players looking for reliable gear.

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Our Products

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BRUCE BOLT is known for creating some of the finest baseball equipment focused on performance, durability, and comfort.

Their products include high-quality batting gloves designed for both professionals and those wanting to step up their game.

Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

BRUCE BOLT batting gloves are crafted with the utmost care, using Cabretto leather for comfort and durability.

These gloves are made to fit securely, providing players with the confidence to perform at their best.

They are available in a variety of colors to match team jerseys or personal styles.

Each pair is handmade by skilled craftsmen to ensure consistent quality.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Cabretto Leather
  • Comfortable, Secure Fit
  • Variety of Colors
  • Handmade

Material and Design

The batting gloves are constructed with Cabretto leather, renowned for its soft grip and long-lasting properties.

This high-quality leather ensures that players can rely on their gloves season after season.

The design includes meticulous stitching that enhances both strength and flexibility, allowing the glove to mold perfectly to the hand.

BRUCE BOLT also offers gloves with specialized features like leather palms for added grip and wrist support to minimize the risk of injury.

This attention to detail makes their gloves a popular choice among seasoned pros looking to upgrade their gear.

Glove Types

BRUCE BOLT offers multiple types of batting gloves to cater to various player preferences and needs. Short Cuff Gloves provide a traditional look and feel with excellent wrist mobility.

For players needing extra support, Long Cuff Gloves offer additional wrist protection.

  • Short Cuff Gloves: Ideal for players who prefer maximum wrist movement.
  • Long Cuff Gloves: Offers added support and protection for the wrist.

With different options available, players can choose the style that best fits their comfort and performance requirements.

BRUCE BOLT ensures each type of glove remains durable and comfortable, providing top performance every time.

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Our Commitment

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BRUCE BOLT is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and supporting athletes in their quest for greatness.

Customer Service Excellence

BRUCE BOLT prides itself on outstanding customer service that leaves customers happy and satisfied.

As a family owned and operated company in Austin, TX, they put personalized attention at the forefront.

They aim to ensure that every customer interaction is smooth and positive.

If you need assistance or want to share feedback, reach out via email at [email protected], or call the customer service team at 888-521-4025, available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm CST.

Their team is always ready to help.

It’s all part of their commitment to quality and excellence.

Supporting Athletes

The company’s mission goes beyond selling gear.

BRUCE BOLT supports athletes like Ian Happ by providing top-notch equipment that enhances performance on the field.

They understand that true excellence in baseball comes from dedication, hard work, and the right tools.

As part of their commitment, they highlight stories of people striving for improvement through their “Be Better” initiative.

Whether it’s aspiring young players or seasoned professionals, BRUCE BOLT is there to equip and inspire.

For those who wish to leverage their knowledge in baseball, here’s a great opportunity to profit from it.

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