Celebrating ENFJ Famous People Who Exemplify These Powerful Traits

In this post, we take a look at "ENFJ Famous People" who have used their ENFJ traits to achieve success and make a positive impact on the world.

Summary: ENFJ, or Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, is a personality type often characterized by charisma, warmth, and a strong sense of morality.

In this blog post, we will take a look at “ENFJ Famous People” who exhibit the ENFJ personality type, including leaders, actors, and other notable figures.

You might have never heard of something called ENFJ, but it’s actually an extremely common personality type among your favorite famous people! There are a number of traits that ENFJ personality types display, but generally they can be identified by their extroversion, generosity, kindness, and leadership

These traits, along with passion and drive, lead to people with these personality types reaching success in whatever they do — hence, the precise reason why a lot of famous people are ENFJ types!

In this post, we’re exploring what exactly ENFJ means, as well as which celebrities have this personality type.  Keep reading to find out all about ENFJ famous people!

What Is An ENFJ?

ENFJ, otherwise referred to as the Giver of the Protagonist type, is one of the 16 personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

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The acronym stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

Each of these characteristics is measurable on a scale from Introversion to Extroversion, Sensing to Intuition, thinking to Feeling, Judging to Perceiving. 

The ENFJ personality type is known for their leadership, empathy, and drive to do good by others to the best of their ability. 

These types are fiercely passionate, and will take every opportunity to create change for the better. 

Because of this, we often see ENFJ personality types in positions of political power or reaching other heights of success. 

Key Traits and Characteristics Of An ENFJ 


ENFJ personality types are always striving to help others and find solutions to their problems.

They will go above and beyond to guide friends, family, or even strangers toward happiness and success. 

Because of their high-scale empathy, ENFJ personality types tend to feel drawn towards humanitarian causes and will use their position and characteristics to drive change. 


ENFJ personality types tend to have excellent communication skills that are not only persuasive but deeply genuine. 

The ENFJ’s passion is always apparent in their communication style, and therefore can lead people to rally around whatever cause they might be supporting. 


ENFJ personality types are so concerned with the well-being of others – whether that be people, animals, or the environment- that they can sometimes neglect their own well-being

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ENFJ personality types make great leaders because of their ability to intuit and judge a situation and how people are feeling. 

With this, they can bring diverse peoples together, using their power of persuasion to forge unity. 

Hard on Themselves

ENFJ personality types often blame themselves when they cannot achieve their altruistic project. 


ENFJ can socialize continuously without the need to recharge their social battery. 

This means they have a lot of energy to do their socially-focused work and will not get easily tired out. 

Some Famous People Who Embody ENFJ  

You might be surprised by the number of famous people who have an ENFJ personality type. 

But really, it makes a lot of sense – these personality types are driven, passionate, and will do whatever it takes to make change for the better.

The famous people listed here have all reached great heights so as to use their platform to influence change. 

Barack Obama 

Barack Obama is known for his outstanding leadership and kindness towards others. 

His ability to read situations, interpret problems, and find solutions made him an excellent President of the United States. 

His power of persuasion and genuine passion makes him a skilled communicator, and meant that he won the hearts of many Americans- even those who would not have voted for a Democrat ordinarily. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is another fiercely passionate political leader who has won popularity because of her communication skills and obviously genuine drive for progressive social change. 

AOC is a staunch advocate for human rights and uses her social skills to impart her wisdom on a wide range of topics and rally support. 

AOC works tirelessly with people, with her extroversion playing a big role in this as she has a social battery that can run for great lengths of time without fail. 

Her confidence is boosted by her passion-driven knowledge, which is sure and extensive.

Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most well-known media personalities in the world. 

Her genuine and warm style of connecting with people has won her this status, and her empathetic drive for helping people and humanitarian causes has also been a huge contributor to her fame. 

Oprah has dedicated her life to connecting with people in order to share their truths and gather awareness and support for their causes. 

Oprah can intuit how to most effectively communicate with people on an individual and mass level, and does so with grace, love, and respect. 


RuPaul opened up an elevated platform for cross-dressing, influencing an understanding and love for the culture among people who previously would not have understood it. 

RuPaul is the face of Drag Race, which is now an internationally adored show all about cross-dressing and showing off queer identities. 

The show has experienced such huge success because of his charisma, passion, and communication skills. It has also required a high level of planning, and an ability to unite diverse peoples and guide them through disagreement. 

He has inspired a great many on his journey and has done so with love, warmth, and humor.

Harry Styles

Throughout his entertainment career as a musician and, in recent years, an actor, Harry Styles has used his talent to communicate messages of love, unity, and encouragement to his wide fanbase.

His joyful and humorous presence has elevated his status and given him a platform to support humanitarian causes and encourage awareness of these causes. 

He has also supported his fanbase by connecting to them through his lyrics, through his on-stage presence, and through his off-stage interactions – always done with a great level of genuine love and appreciation for his fans. 

Matthew McConaughey

Throughout his long and successful acting career, McConaughey has used his communication skills, warmth, and passion to resonate and connect with viewers in whatever role he is playing. 

Outside of his working life, he has inspired the best in his fans and supported a great number of humanitarian causes with honest passion and determination. 

He has also written memoirs with the intention to inspire readers with his wisdom and experience being an emotional, deep-feeling individual within the harsh world of show business. 

His natural charm and enthusiasm translates on screen, in-person, and on the page, effectively influencing positive change on a number of levels. 

A Greater Appreciation for the ENFJ Personality

ENFJ personalities, as you can see, are prone to going far with whatever endeavor they pursue. 

It is very common that these pursuits involve an empathetic and selfless drive which in turn boosts their popularity, as their fans can perceive this genuine passion. 

The list of well-loved celebrities who have this personality type is long, and many of them share these traits of generosity and kindness

By using their natural talents and abilities to gain fame and success, these celebrities have used their platforms to inform and influence positive change in the world. 

They also encourage the best in their many adoring fans and inspire a sense of hope and joy in all. 

You too can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to find out if you might be one of these people with the ability to lead and influence change for the better!

Thanks for reading!

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