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Five Awesome Coffee Hacks You Didn’t Know

Check out these five awesome coffee hacks that only coffee pros know, just right for your morning routine!

Whether you’re a barista or a barista wannabe, there’s always something to learn about coffee.

And with so many people drinking it nowadays, you’d think everyone would be an expert on the subject.

We’ve got five coffee hacks that only coffee pros know, and they’re full of great tips for your morning routine!

1. Grind it yourself

If you want to make your own coffee, all you really need is a grinder. The smaller the grind, the faster the brewing process. Grind your beans in small batches and keep them in a jar. Your coffee will stay fresh for up to two weeks.

The trick to making great-tasting coffee is to grind your beans just before brewing. If you grind it too far ahead of time, the flavor of the coffee will disappear, and your coffee will be weak and bland.

Before the coffee is ground, the beans must be dried properly. You’ll get different flavors from different beans depending on their size, shape, and how they were harvested.

Perfectly dried beans should output a consistent grind, aroma, and flavor.

2. Roast your own coffee beans to make a truly unique brew

There is some controversy in the coffee world over the reason behind the flavor loss.

Some say that flavor loss is caused by a chemical containing a chlorogenic acid from the roasting process.

This is because chlorogenic acid oxidizes or changes its molecule shape in response to heat.

Therefore, by the time a bean is roasted, the flavor has changed beyond recognition, and a coffee bean must be discarded.

Others say it is due to over-roasting at a high temperature. This causes a deep, bitter taste.

So roast your beans at a lower temperature.

You can roast them at 170–175°F for about 15–20 minutes. This will give the flavor time to properly develop and reduce any oxidization.

You won’t lose any of the flavor, and the more commonly consumed ground coffee cup will remain flavorful and very much intact.

3. Store your beans for the best flavor and freshness

Coffee beans are like any other plant-based food in that they can deteriorate over time.

Once coffee beans are roasted, they begin to lose flavor and aroma.

So it’s best to store coffee in an airtight container, at room temperature, away from heat and light.

The best place to store your beans is in a dark, cool, dry place.

Be sure not to store your coffee in the fridge or freezer because it will lose its flavor and become stale much quicker.

4. The secret ingredient in your coffee that makes it tastier

If you are like most people, you probably put a lot of sugar in your coffee to make it taste better. However, that can be bad for your teeth and your stomach.

So, what’s the secret ingredient in your coffee that will make it taste better?

It’s fat. Milk with coffee can’t be beaten.

5. Where do the best coffee beans come from?

The best coffee beans in the world come from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Hawaii.

More specifically, try looking for Kona beans (Hawaii), Yirgacheffe beans (Ethiopia), Supremo beans (Colombia), and Santos beans (Brazil).

Many people believe that the best coffee beans on the market come from a place called Kona.

It’s a region on the big island of Hawaii, and the volcanic soil and climate make for some of the most amazing coffee in the world.

Brazilian Santos is more earthy-tasting than the others, often with higher antioxidant levels.

Every country’s coffee consumption culture differs, and they all naturally have and produce very distinct types of beans.

But each of these has one thing in common: they’re delicious.

From the Dominican Republic to New Zealand, many coffee regions produce excellent arabica coffee (the region’s version of Arabica coffee), but they also have a lot of robusta coffee.

These have slightly different flavors, but are still very strong, dark, and sometimes slightly bitter.

Conclusion: these great coffee hacks are just the starting point!

Once you’ve mastered these, there are endless possibilities for making your coffee experience even better.

So keep experimenting, and let us know what other great coffee hacks you’ve discovered!

Thanks for reading!

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