Longest MLB Game Ever: A Wild Marathon on the Diamond

The longest MLB game ever recorded in terms of innings took place on May 1, 1920.

It was a thrilling match between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves that spanned an impressive 26 innings. Due to darkness, the game had to be called off, ending in a 1-1 tie. This game remains a memorable moment for fans of Major League Baseball and a record that has stood the test of time.

A deserted baseball field at night, with empty stands and scoreboard showing a high inning count

Baseball has always been a sport full of surprises and enduring records.

The excitement of an extended game keeps fans on the edge of their seats, showcasing the resilience and skill of the players.

The 1920 game between the Robins and Braves is a prime example of the unpredictable nature of baseball, where anything can happen, and history can be made in the blink of an eye.

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Historic Longest Games

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Baseball has seen some incredibly long games, testing the stamina of players and fans alike.

Two of the most historic long games include a 26-inning battle in 1920 and a 33-inning showdown in 1981.

The 26-Inning Marathon

On May 1, 1920, the Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves played the longest game by innings in Major League history.

This game lasted 26 innings and ended in a 1-1 tie because of darkness. Joe Oeschger and Leon Cadore, the pitchers for the Braves and Robins respectively, each pitched the entire game.

Both pitchers showed incredible stamina, pitching for over 200 pitches each.

Despite the grueling length, the game only saw one run per team.

Fans of this era saw a rare feat of endurance that remains a milestone in baseball history.

The 1981 Triple-A Showdown

Another historic game took place on April 18, 1981, between the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings.

This game is the longest in professional baseball history, lasting 33 innings over three days.

The game initially started around 8 PM and was suspended around 4 AM after 32 innings, resuming later to finish the 33rd inning.

Wade Boggs and Dave Koza were among the notable players in this game.

Boggs had four hits, contributing to the epic length, while Koza eventually drove in the winning run.

The game ended with Pawtucket winning 3-2.

This game is also known for its 8 hours and 25 minutes of playing time, holding an endurance record in baseball.

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Iconic Games in MLB History

A packed stadium under the bright lights, players battling fatigue, and fans on the edge of their seats as the game extends into extra innings

Some games in MLB history stand out not just for their length but for their memorable moments and dramatic outcomes.

These iconic games include legendary matchups and unusual endings that have captivated fans.

The Red Sox vs. Yankees Saga

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry is one of the most intense in sports.

Their 2004 ALCS matchup is a prime example.

Down 3-0 in the series, the Red Sox made a historic comeback to win four straight games.

In Game 4, Dave Roberts’ stolen base in the 9th inning against Mariano Rivera remains legendary.

The Red Sox went on to win the game in 12 innings.

This comeback was crucial in ending the Red Sox’s 86-year World Series drought.

In 2018, the two teams met again in the playoffs.

The Red Sox dominated with a 16-1 win in Game 3, the most lopsided playoff victory in Yankees history.

The rivalry continued to deliver unforgettable moments.

Unique Game Endings and Resumptions

Some MLB games are remembered for their unusual conclusions.

In 1984, the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers played a game that lasted 25 innings, spread over two days.

The game was suspended at 3 a.m. due to curfew rules, with the score tied at 3-3.

It resumed the next day, with the White Sox winning 7-6.

In 2017, the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees faced a similar situation.

Their playoff game was suspended due to rain in the 8th inning with the score tied.

When it resumed the next day, the Indians won after an extra-inning battle.

Darkness has also played a role in MLB history.

Before stadium lights, games would often be called due to darkness, like the 1920 26-inning game between the Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves, which ended in a 1-1 tie.

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Memorable Player Performances

Players hitting home runs, making diving catches, and pitching long innings in the historic MLB game

A closer look at the longest MLB games reveals standout moments from both pitchers and hitters.

These performances have cemented their place in baseball history and are still talked about among fans today.

Pitchers’ Duel to Remember

In the longest game by innings, the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Robins faced off for 26 innings on May 1, 1920.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie due to darkness.

The pitching heroes were Joe Oeschger of the Braves and Leon Cadore of the Robins.

Joe Oeschger pitched an impressive 26 innings, giving up only one run.

His counterpart, Leon Cadore, matched this feat, showcasing stamina and skill.

This marathon pitching duel remains unmatched and is a testament to the endurance of these pitchers.

Hitting Milestones

On April 18, 1981, the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings played the longest game in professional baseball history.

The game lasted 33 innings, with many memorable hitting performances.

The final score was 3-2 in favor of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Wade Boggs, a future Hall of Famer, went 4-for-12 with a game-tying single in the 21st inning.

Another standout was Dave Koza, who drove in the winning run in the 33rd inning.

These hitting highlights made this game a memorable event.

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