Our editorial process at PsychNewsDaily

Our editorial process at PsychNewsDaily

All of the articles on PsychNewsDaily are written by our team of professional writers and editors.

We have a strict editorial process that involves several steps.

Why you can trust us

  1. Deciding what to write about: First, our writers research the latest psychological studies and findings. We scour about 150 of the world’s top scholarly journals, and are always looking for hidden gems that may have been overlooked.
  2. Winnowing down: Once we have found a few potential articles, our team of writers and editors debate and discuss which topics would be the most interesting and helpful for our readers.
  3. Setting the ball in motion: After deciding on a topic, one of our writers is assigned to write the article.
  4. Getting down to work: They then write their articles based on the original paper, while also relying on extra research to contextualize its findings.
  5. Dotting the i’s: Our editors then review the articles for clarity, grammar, and style. They also make sure that the article accurately reflects the findings in the original paper, so that readers can be confident that they are getting correct information.
  6. Check and re-check: Our team of fact checkers then verify all of the information in the article before it is published. This includes making sure that all of the reference links are working and accurate.
  7. Read all about it: Finally, once everything has been checked, the article is published on our website.

This process ensures that all of the articles on PsychNewsDaily are of the highest quality, and that our readers can trust that they are reading accurate and well-researched information.

And that helps explain why our articles have been picked up by leading international media outlets such as CBS, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Stern (Germany), Der Standard (Austria), NPO (the Netherlands), Fox News, the NY Post, The Dallas Morning News, Futurism.com, Reason, Interesting Engineering, Townhall, The Journal (Ireland), Science Times, and elsewhere (see more media mentions here).

Thanks for reading! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments to: editorial [at] psychnewsdaily.com

Our editorial process at PsychNewsDaily