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PsychNewsDaily is a science-news website that publishes news about psychology, neuroscience, personality, therapy, and more. Our privacy policy is both accessible and transparent.

PsychNewsDaily, located at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 129-ii, 1012 EP Amsterdam, is responsible for the processing of personal data as described in this privacy statement.

PsychNewsDaily takes the protection of its visitors’ privacy very seriously. That is why we treat the personal details of both registered and anonymous visitors with the utmost care.

Your data
To support communication with our site’s visitors, PsychNewsDaily records data. For example, we record data when you register with our website, subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us in any other way, for example via the contact form.

This recorded data includes your name and e-mail address, and in the case of registered users, data about your visit to our website; this allows us to know articles and comments you have already read (or not read). PsychNewsDaily only uses these data to support communication with the visitor.

Your account details and the details of your use of our website will under no circumstances be shared with third parties.

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