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These 75 blissful “sleep mantras” are guaranteed to help you beat insomnia

A sleep mantra can help you to relax, and bring you into the most positive, calm state of mind possible. Sleep mantras can also help you to lower stress and boost your self-confidence.

A sleep mantra can help you to relax, and bring you into the most positive, calm state of mind possible.

Sleep mantras can also help you fall asleep in a way that lowers stress and boosts your self-confidence.

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Do you suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to get enough sleep at night?

If so, then these 75 sleep mantras are for you.

A mantra will help guide your thoughts, and serve as a relaxation technique that will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Not only can they help with the physical act of sleeping, but they can also help you with insomnia as well!

Even better, they help you stay in tune with your thoughts, stay positive, and stay relaxed.

Sleep mantras are very effective as your self-talk and thoughts are closely monitored by your unconscious mind.

And when you sleep, it releases all your worries and hurts.

Follow these steps closely and remember: “sleep is delicious.”

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How a sleep mantra can help you relax, and release anxiety

A sleep mantra helps you to sleep peacefully.

To achieve this it’s important to let your mind relax, let go of your thoughts, and then focus on your breathing.

Sleep mantras are powerful, and you can perform them whenever you feel stressed or nervous.

In other words, not only when you are going to sleep!

You can also use a sleep mantra to relax or release tension.

This helps you to relax your breathing, as well as focusing on your mind and body.

This can have a tremendous effect on your mindset, and allow you to stay more relaxed and positive for the rest of the day.

How to use your chosen mantra: these practical tips will get you started

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1. How to recite your mantra

Every evening, in the quiet and stillness of your stress-free room, recite some words that you believe will aid your search for a more peaceful and fulfilling sleep.

Those words are your “sleep mantra.”

2. Letting go of your thoughts

Allow your thoughts to drift away from your daily troubles during your bedtime routine.

Studies show that repeating this mantra over and over again before bed increases feelings of joy.

And this reduces stress hormones like cortisol, as well as anxiety-related hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline – all of which are key contributors to insomnia!

3. A bit of gentle meditation helps

Meditation can also be a great way to induce a deep sleep and reduce stress levels.

Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale slowly.

This is a great technique for relaxation because it forces you to concentrate only on your breathing.

Similar exercises have been shown to reduce stress by 60%, while also improving circulation, strength, immunity and flexibility to help you get more quality sleep.

4. Remember gratitude

As you recite your sleep mantra to yourself, focus on what you are grateful for when you say your mantra.

This will help to re-align your thoughts.

Here they are: the 75 best sleep mantras to help you fall asleep faster

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Listen to these “sleep mantra” words as you slowly repeat them in your head.

Doing so will help you become calm, relax, and release anxious thoughts.

I am relaxed, and I am ready to sleep

I am surrounded in love and peace

My sleep is my choice

I am an expert in my sleep

I am the decision maker of my mood

In mind and body, I am strong

I am doing everything that I need to do to feel alive

My physical and mental health are deeply intertwined

I am on a journey to sleep nirvana

I sleep with the rhythm of nature

The mind is like a parachute; when it opens, my body becomes calm

I connect my mind and body

I am connected with the energy of my soul

My sleep is based on balance

My sleep is based on freedom

I take responsibility for my rest

Sleep equals success, harmony, relaxation, wellness, peace

Sleep is the time of my own heart, my own mind, and my own peace

Stay calm, sleep, then rise and shine

Sleep is essential for keeping strong

I am gentle and loving, and I have no fears

Sleep is a commitment to give my body rest

I am the rest, and sleep is where I go

I am positive, I have no fears in my sleep

Sleep is an opportunity to discover and create

I am released from stress and worry, I am released from pain

Live through joy, love my way

I am tranquil and relaxed, I am at peace

I have achieved the joy and peace I seek

My day will not be disrupted by stress or worry

I am able to release anger and worries

Sleep is in me, and I choose peace

I have accomplished my goal of relaxation

To relax, I let go of the day

I am breathing easily and peacefully

Embracing love, embodying my dreams in sleep

I am confident and strong, I am strong in my sleep

Rest lives inside me

I have achieved tranquility

I coast to joy on waves of liquid time

Peace is a gift from deep in sleep

I am able to sleep peacefully

I choose love for life

Hope and surrender to the unknown sleep

I am healed when I dream

I release all fear

My dreams are what make me strong

I am strong, and I fall asleep well

Rest and love are my true and perfect destinations

I love myself, and I am strong

Be the smile that comes from within

I feel comfortable and secure; I am able to sleep now

Peace is my sleep and joy in waking hours

I am secure and at peace

Trust and peace are what I know to give this day

In the night’s embrace, release your grip on life

Sleep well. Be at peace

I am dreaming my dreams

Forevermore, be free of fear

I have become the peace and love within

I am sleep

Resting in me are the gifts of life

Truly now, I choose to rest

I am strong when I sleep, I am strong when I dream

Dream sweetly tonight knowing this day will pass

Peaceful dreams await me

I am unique and sleep like I am unique

I can sleep anywhere

Release all worry

I am a natural sleep singer

I meditate with intention

Sleep well my friend

I have control of my subconscious mind

I am a master of my mind and body

Tonight I find solace in peaceful slumber

Summary: Remember that you are a strong, wise, and positive person who can do anything in life if you follow your instincts.

Always do what makes you feel happy, confident, and at peace.

And falling asleep peacefully is part and parcel of that wholeness.

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Four more tips on how to fall asleep even faster

1. Avoid screen time before bed

Screen-based devices like phones, computers, and tablets can emit blue light.

And this can interfere with your body clock and prevent you from falling asleep on time, and thus from getting a good night’s sleep.

If you’re worried that screens are keeping you up at night, or you find yourself struggling to fall asleep, try limiting screen time.

Or at the very least, put your phone in airplane mode.

Let go of the daytime when it’s bedtime!

2. Get exercise during the day

Sleep is important for your health, but getting exercise and sunlight throughout the day is also crucial.

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym or outside for a jog, but just try to get up and move around for 10-15 minutes every couple of hours to get your blood flowing.

Exercise can also improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

Even better, regular exercise reduces stress, and is a natural mood booster.

3. Keep a sleep diary

It’s always good to keep a sleep diary, because it will help you keep track of your sleeping pattern.

It will also give you a more accurate assessment of how well you’re sleeping.

Likewise, it’s important to write down what time you go to bed, how many times you wake up each night, and how much sleep you get each night.

4. Slow down

Learning to slow down, and balance our external environment’s influence on our internal clock is a key to great sleep.  

Extra: sleep resources from academic studies and other research

These 10 great sleep tips will help you cure your insomnia starting right now

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Take your “peaceful sleep” from good to better by following the 10 tips below.

These are proven tips that will help you fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and wake up feeling energized.

These suggestions will have the most noticeable effect on your sleep if you follow them for at least two weeks before assessing your progress.

1. Write it down

The first step to sleeping better is identifying the reasons for your insomnia.

This is a vital part of curing it, and you should write down what’s making you feel anxious or stressed so that, in time, those feelings will lessen on their own.

2. Practice deep breathing techniques by day

Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale in such a way that your stomach expands on the inhale and contracts as you exhale.

3. Try to be strict about bedtime

Set a “curfew” for yourself so that it’s easier for your body to adjust its sleep cycle accordingly.

It will also help with feeling less tired during the day, which leads to more stress!

So go to bed around the same time every night (and make sure it is early enough that you are getting a full seven or eight hours of sleep).

And try to maintain a regular bedtime schedule, even on weekends or days off from work.

4. Create a bedtime ritual

This is an important part of your new sleep routine.

The beauty of creating a bedtime ritual is that it will become something you look forward to!

You may even find yourself already feeling more relaxed before you even begin your routine.

5. Get some exercise in the daytime

You don’t have to go out running, just get up from sitting or lying down, and move around a little bit before going to bed.

Doing this helps regulate blood flow throughout the body in order make you feel better rested.

If you are feeling healthy while awake, then it only makes sense that you will feel better when you sleep.

6. Avoid eating heavy meals right before bed

Doing so can cause indigestion, leading to uncomfortable sleeping patterns.

7. Avoid caffeine in afternoons/evenings


8. Limit alcohol intake later than 6 pm

You might drink some red wine early in the evening, as it has some benefits when consumed before going to bed. But that’s it!

9. Drink (warm) milk before bed

Milk contains tryptophan, which can help increase feelings of calmness that promote sleepiness.

Drinking milk will also fill up your stomach, so it doesn’t distract you from falling asleep during the night.

10. Don’t nap!

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, make sure that you’re not taking naps during the day!

It’s a common misconception that by napping, your body will adjust and fall into an easier cycle of nighttime sleeping.

In fact, it does just the opposite. Napping increases daytime sleepiness, which makes it harder to go to sleep again at night.

And remember: your body has a natural sleep rhythm, so don’t fight it!


We hope this sleep mantra overview has have helped you learn how to have a good night, go to bed on time, and learn how to get better at sleeping.

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