Top 10 Celebrity Cats on Instagram You Need to Follow Right Now: The Fur-tastic Stars You Can’t Miss

Ever find yourself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and craving some feline cuteness? You’re in luck.

Instagram is home to some of the most adorable and entertaining cats that can brighten your day and add a little extra joy to your feed.

A group of 10 celebrity cats posing on various backdrops, each with a unique expression or accessory, with their Instagram handles displayed below

These celebrity cats have captured the hearts of millions with their unique looks and charming personalities. From playful kittens to sassy seniors, these furry influencers have something special to share.

Dive into the world of Instagram’s top cats and discover your new favorite furry friend.

1) Nala Cat

Nala Cat is a superstar on Instagram with a whopping 5 million followers.

This adorable feline was adopted from a shelter and has gone on to break records, including holding the Guinness World Record for the cat with the highest number of Instagram followers.

Nala has big, round eyes that will melt your heart.

Her cute and playful photos have made her a favorite among cat lovers.

She often shares her adventures and everyday life, bringing joy to millions.

Not only is Nala popular for her looks, but she’s also a brand ambassador.

She has her own premium cat food brand called Love, Nala.

If you want to keep up with cute cat content and see what Nala is up to, her Instagram account is a must-follow.

2) Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat sits atop a list of top celebrity cats on Instagram.</p><p>Other feline influencers surround, each with their own unique style and personality

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, became an internet sensation thanks to her unique facial expression.

She looked perpetually grumpy, which made people love her even more.

With over 3 million followers on Instagram, Grumpy Cat was one of the most famous pets online.

Her iconic frown captured the hearts of many.

Though she passed away in 2019, her Instagram account remains active.

It’s filled with nostalgic posts and memories of her grumpy yet adorable face.

Her fame extended beyond social media.

Grumpy Cat starred in her own Lifetime movie, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.” She also made numerous TV appearances and had her own line of merchandise.

By following Grumpy Cat’s account, you get a daily dose of her legendary grumpy expression.

Her legacy continues to bring smiles to people’s faces.

3) Lil Bub

Lil Bub is one of the most famous cats on the internet.

She was known for her unique appearance, especially her droopy tongue.

Lil Bub had several health issues, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a superstar.

Lil Bub started her journey to fame as the runt of a feral litter found in a tool shed in Indiana.

Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, shared her story and adorable photos online.

People fell in love with her instantly.

Lil Bub gained millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Her charming looks and positive spirit inspired many.

Lil Bub’s fame led her to appear on TV shows and even have her own merchandise.

Fans adored her quirky personality and resilience.

Although Lil Bub passed away in 2019 at the age of 8, her legacy lives on.

Her social media accounts still bring smiles to people’s faces.

If you love unique and heartwarming stories, Lil Bub’s account is a must-follow.

4) Pudge the Cat

Pudge the cat lounges on a plush cushion, surrounded by a collection of celebrity cat magazines.</p><p>A smartphone displaying Instagram sits nearby

Pudge is a really cute cat with a big following on Instagram.

She has 629,000 followers who love to see what she’s up to every day.

Pudge stands out because she’s a girl cat with a mustache-like marking on her face, making her look truly one-of-a-kind.

Pudge isn’t just a pretty face.

She also shares her life through photos and videos.

Every Wednesday, you can catch her on YouTube, where she and her owner post fun cat craft DIY videos.

These videos add a unique touch to her already interesting profile.

Her account, @pudgethecat, features lots of fun adventures.

Whether she’s traveling along the Oregon Trail or just hanging out at home, Pudge keeps things entertaining.

She promises plenty of cute and funny moments that will brighten your day.

Following Pudge means you’re in for lots of adorable and quirky content.

If you love cats with a bit of personality, Pudge the Cat is definitely worth a follow.

5) Venus the Two Face Cat

Venus the Two Face Cat is one of the most unique cats on Instagram.

Her face is perfectly split into two colors: black and orange.

Each side is almost like its own character.

She also has one blue eye and one green eye, adding to her striking appearance.

Venus has gained a lot of followers because she looks like a chimera.

This happens because of a rare genetic trait.

She has over 2 million followers on Instagram and continues to charm her fans with her unique look and fun personality.

On her Instagram, you can see Venus hanging out with her other furry friends.

She even has a message: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This shows how special she is.

If you love cats, you definitely need to check out her page for some adorable content.

6) Smoothie the Cat

Meet Smoothie the Cat, the “Queen of Fluff.” With her gorgeous fur and deep green eyes, Smoothie is a British Longhair who knows how to steal your heart.

Smoothie has a massive following on Instagram.

She boasts over 2 million followers and has posted more than 2,000 times.

Her account captures her looking like a fluffy and elegant model.

Fans love Smoothie for her photogenic looks and graceful poses.

Each picture makes it easy to see why she’s so popular.

From playful snaps to serene shots, her photos are a feast for the eyes.

If you love adorable and majestic cats, Smoothie the Cat is a must-follow.

7) Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat is a must-follow on Instagram.

This adorable feline is famous for his unique mustache that looks like it was drawn on with a marker.

Fans love his quirky appearance.

His mustache is so perfect that some people think it’s fake.

But his owner assures everyone it’s real.

Hamilton’s charming look and cool attitude have earned him many followers.

Despite the fame, he remains a laid-back and photogenic cat.

Besides his good looks, Hamilton is also known for being friendly and playful.

You’ll often see him in cute and funny poses that brighten up your feed.

If you love cats with unique appearances and lots of personality, Hamilton the Hipster Cat is one adorable kitty you can’t miss.

Following him is sure to bring a smile to your face every day.

8) Waffles the Cat

Waffles the Cat poses with a crown and a list of top celebrity cats on Instagram

Waffles the Cat is a Scottish Fold and a true internet sensation.

With 838K followers on Instagram, Waffles has captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world.

Waffles is known for being incredibly cute and having ears that look different from most cats.

This unique feature adds to his charm.

He’s often seen lounging around, sleeping, or showing off his adorable poses.

Beyond just cute photos, Waffles has made a name for himself as a top pet influencer.

He’s been named by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Pet Influencers.

That’s a big deal!

Waffles also participates in fun events, like the SHEBA®️ Gravy Race.

You can follow along and even get a chance to win prizes.

It’s clear that Waffles is more than just a pretty face; he’s a star with a big personality.

9) White Coffee Cat

A white cat sits next to a coffee cup, surrounded by photos of famous cats on Instagram

You absolutely have to check out White Coffee Cat on Instagram! With his Instagram handle @white_coffee_cat, Coffee, or Mr. White, has captured the hearts of 2 million followers.

Coffee is an adorable, white kitty who’s also a fighter.

Battling Nasal Lymphoma while being a Kidney Cancer survivor shows his incredible strength.

His Instagram posts often feature his heartwarming, resilient spirit.

Not only is he brave, but he also has a charming personality.

You’ll see lots of his cute and playful moments.

His owner shares tons of lovely photos and videos, making it easy to fall in love with this brave kitty.

Whether you’re a cat lover or just looking for some feel-good content, White Coffee Cat is definitely someone you don’t want to miss.

He brings joy and gives hope to many, all through his Instagram feed.

10) Sam Has Eyebrows

Sam the cat with expressive eyebrows sits next to a phone displaying top 10 celebrity cats on Instagram

Meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows that has taken Instagram by storm.

Sam’s unique look comes from black fur markings above his eyes that really do look like eyebrows.

People can’t get enough of his surprised expression.

Sam has become an Internet sensation almost overnight.

His followers can’t resist the charm of his constantly “raised” brows and innocent face.

If you’re into quirky pets, Sam is your guy.

Sam’s profile, @samhaseyebrows, has gathered tons of followers.

He may look like he’s constantly surprised, but his fans are never surprised by how cute he is in every post.

Each picture shows off his adorable and unique look.

You’ll find pictures of Sam lounging at home, playing with toys, and posing for the camera.

His expressions are priceless and bring a lot of joy to your feed.

He’s definitely a cat worth following if you need a daily dose of adorable.

How Celebrity Cats Are Changing Social Media

Celebrity cats on Instagram are not just about cute pictures.

They are influencing the pet industry and helping more cats find loving homes.

Impact on Pet Industry

Celebrity cats have a big impact on the pet industry.

With millions of followers, they create huge trends.

Pet products promoted by these famous felines often see a boost in sales.

Companies send them kitty toys, food, and grooming tools to showcase.

Merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases featuring these cats become popular.

Stores know that fans want items related to their favorite Instagram cats.

People look up to these cats and want the best for their own pets.

You’ll see an increase in purchases of high-quality pet food and fancy accessories.

Influence on Cat Adoptions

Celebrity cats also help more cats get adopted.

Many influencers use their platform to promote animal shelters and adoption events.

When you see a cute rescue cat featured by a famous feline, it encourages you to adopt rather than shop.

Shelter Spotlights shared in posts lead to more adoptions because followers trust and admire these cats.

These influential pets also show how rewarding it can be to give a home to a shelter cat.

Their stories offer hope and happiness, motivating you to rescue a cat in need.

By raising awareness, they help reduce the number of cats in shelters and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Tips for Following Celebrity Cats on Instagram

A group of famous cats lounging on luxurious cushions, posing for the camera with playful expressions and elegant postures

When following celebrity cats on Instagram, it’s important to engage meaningfully and understand their unique personalities.

This can enhance your experience and help you feel more connected.

Engagement with Cat Influencers

Interact with posts by liking, commenting, and sharing.

This shows support and might even catch the influencer’s attention.

Join live streams: Many cat influencers host live streams where you can interact in real-time.

You can ask questions and watch the cats play or eat.

Use related hashtags: By using hashtags related to your favorite cats, you increase your visibility and might connect with other fans.

Participate in contests and giveaways: These are often held by the accounts, providing a fun way to engage and possibly win cat-themed prizes.

Understanding Cat Personalities Online

Cats, just like people, have distinct personalities.

It’s fun to get to know these through their posts and stories.

Read the captions and stories: Owners often share insights into their cats’ likes, dislikes, and daily routines.

Observe their behavior in videos: Notice if a cat is playful, lazy, adventurous, or cuddly.

This adds to the charm and helps you understand them better.

Look at their interactions: Sometimes cats feature guest appearances from other pets, giving you a peek into their social life.

By focusing on these aspects, you can enjoy a richer, more satisfying experience following these feline celebrities.

Behind the Scenes: Life of a Celebrity Cat

A sleek, pampered cat lounges on a luxurious velvet cushion, surrounded by designer accessories and gourmet treats.</p><p>A spotlight illuminates the feline celebrity, as cameras flash and adoring fans eagerly await the next Instagram post

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a celebrity cat is like? It’s time to pull back the curtain and see what happens behind those cute and glamorous Instagram posts.

Daily Routine

Your furry star’s day often starts with a good grooming session.

Keeping their fur immaculate and ready for the camera is key.

Often, their owners will brush and clean them to make sure they look their best.


Photoshoots are a big part of their life.

Whether it’s lounging in the sun, playing with toys, or snuggling in bed, every moment can be a photo op.

Sometimes, they even have professional photographers or fancy equipment to capture the best shots.

Branded Content

Many celebrity cats work with brands.

They might pose with pet food, cat toys, or even human products like tech gadgets.

This isn’t just cute content – it’s a business.

Free Time

When they’re not in front of the camera, these cats enjoy normal cat activities.

They lounge around, play with their favorite toys, or take long naps.

This downtime is important for their well-being.

Fan Interactions

Engaging with fans is another big part.

Whether it’s through comments, live streams, or fan mail, these cats have a large following that loves to see what they are up to.

Health & Wellness

Maintaining health is crucial.

Regular vet visits, a balanced diet, and plenty of hydration help keep them in top shape.

Some even have special diets or supplements to ensure they’re looking and feeling great.


Some cats travel for events, meet-and-greets, or special photoshoots.

They might have special carriers, passports, and even their own travel schedules.

So while the life of a celebrity cat might seem all glitz and glam, it’s also full of routines and hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

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