The KittyCorner cat breed guide, in photos

Discover a meow-nificent collection of 26 cat breeds with stunning photos. Click to learn about each breed and become a true feline aficionado!

🐾 Purr-pare to feast your eyes on a meow-nificent collection of 26 adorable cat breeds, all paw-fectly captured in stunning photos that will make you want to cuddle up with a furry feline friend! 😻🐱

Click on any of the paw-some photos below to learn more about each individual cat breed and become a true feline aficionado! 🐾📷

Maine Coon Cat

Siamese Cat

A Siamese cat sits gracefully, with striking blue eyes and sleek fur, against a backdrop of traditional Thai architecture

Tabby Cat

A tabby cat lounges on a sunny windowsill, its striped fur catching the light

Ragdoll Cat

A Ragdoll cat lounges gracefully on a cushioned window seat, its long fur flowing and its bright blue eyes gazing out at the world

Bengal Cat

A Bengal Cat prowls through a lush jungle, its sleek coat blending with the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves

Calico Cat

A calico cat lounges on a sunlit windowsill, its colorful fur glowing in the warm light

Norwegian Forest Cat

A Norwegian Forest Cat sits majestically on a moss-covered rock, surrounded by tall pine trees and a serene mountain landscape

Persian Cat

A regal Persian cat sits on a luxurious velvet cushion, its long fur cascading around its body.</p><p>The cat's large, expressive eyes gaze out with an air of elegance and sophistication

Munchkin Cat

Orange and white cat with wide eyes.

Sphynx Cat

A Sphynx cat lounges on a plush velvet cushion, its sleek, hairless body glistening in the sunlight filtering through a nearby window

Savannah Cat

A Savannah Cat lounges in tall grass, ears perked, and sleek body poised.</p><p>The sunlight catches its golden coat as it surveys the savannah landscape

Russian Blue Cat

A Russian Blue cat lounges on a window sill, gazing out at the world with its piercing green eyes.</p><p>Its sleek, silver-blue fur shimmers in the sunlight, and its elegant posture exudes an air of regal grace

Pallas Cat

A Pallas Cat lounges on a rocky ledge, its thick fur blending with the surrounding terrain.</p><p>Its round, wide-set eyes gaze out with a calm and alert expression

Tortoiseshell Cat

A tortoiseshell cat lounges on a sunny windowsill, its fur a patchwork of black, orange, and cream.</p><p>The cat gazes out at the world, its eyes reflecting the warmth of the sun

Tuxedo Cat

A sleek tuxedo cat lounges on a velvet armchair, its white paws and chest contrasting against the glossy black fur

Bombay Cat

A sleek Bombay cat lounges on a velvet cushion, its glossy black fur glinting in the sunlight streaming through a window

Himalayan Cat

A Himalayan cat lounges on a plush cushion, its long fur flowing and its blue eyes gazing off into the distance

Siberian Cat

A Siberian Cat lounges in a sunlit window, its fluffy fur catching the warm rays.</p><p>The cat's piercing green eyes gaze out at the snowy landscape beyond

Rusty Spotted Cat

A Rusty Spotted Cat prowls through dense jungle foliage.</p><p>Its small, spotted body moves stealthily, ears alert and eyes focused on potential prey

Abyssinian Cat

An Abyssinian cat stands tall, with almond-shaped green eyes and a sleek, ticked coat of reddish-brown fur.</p><p>Its pointed ears perk up as it gazes confidently into the distance

Manx Cat

A Manx cat sits proudly, its short tail and rounded body defining the breed's unique appearance

Cheshire Cat

A group of Cheshire Cat breeds lounging in a whimsical garden, their mischievous grins and vibrant fur creating a surreal and enchanting atmosphere

Burmese Cat

A Burmese cat lounges gracefully on a plush cushion, its sleek coat shining in the sunlight that streams through a nearby window

Scottish fold cat

Tabby cat with striking yellow eyes.

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