Discover What Makes an Alpha Female Tick, and How You Can Become One Too!

Explore the unique traits of an alpha female. Learn what sets her apart in leadership, ambition, and self-confidence. Identify the alpha in your life!

Do you think you may be an alpha female, or know someone who might be?

There are specific signs to look out for with this personality type that use to distinguish the true alpha women in your life.

In this post, we explain the telltale signs of an alpha female, and what that means

What is an Alpha Female?

There are many different personality types out there amongst both men and women.

You may have heard the term Alpha Female before, but what does it mean?

A 2019 review study found that these women typically embody the following characteristics: strong, extroverted, high in self-esteem, a leader, and satisfied with life.

An alpha is a woman who strives for the best in everything she does.

She is both successful and ambitious, and often can be found in a leadership role.

A woman like this is usually shining with self-confidence, and often uses this personality trait to lead others in life!

You may have met somebody like this in your life – or maybe you even are an one!

Keep reading to explore the specific tell-tale signs that add up to an alpha female.

The Eight Characteristics of an Alpha Female

Below, we list the eight main characteristics of the typical alpha woman.

Those include strong leadership, a desire to learn, mental toughness, being much-in-demand, ambitious, strong family ties, socially active, and confident.

Let’s take a deeper look!

1. Strong, Dominant Leadership

When these women are in a position of leadership, they don’t falter under pressure.

They are always calm, level-headed, and know exactly what to do for the best of everyone involved.

In a situation where there is no certain ‘good’ choice, they will most definitely choose the option that is the most beneficial and moral.

They are great people to turn to for advice on where to go in life!

Having an alpha as a boss or other management type at your workplace will make your day-to-day life much more organized.

They are experts at what they do, ensuring everybody in their care is doing what they are supposed to in order to make their day go by smoothly.

2. Obsessive Learners

Alpha females never get bored of learning new things. While some people prefer to do the same familiar tasks and routines over again, these women simply crave learning more.

Whether it is gaining more knowledge in a specific area, figuring out more efficient ways of getting things done, or learning a new hobby, female alphas are all about it.

Taking up side-hobbies such as crocheting, gardening, reading, cycling, weight lifting and so many more help keep alphas active and productive.

They feel as though they must always be working towards something, even if it is simply finishing a cardigan they started making a while ago!

3. Mentally Strong

Having fantastic mental health is something that we all strive for in our lives, no matter what situation we are in.

While some people must fight a bit harder to reach that mentally secure level, good mental health just comes naturally to alphas.

If you know an alpha female personally, you may have noticed that they are amazing at being there for those who may need them emotionally.

Being strong for their loved ones who may be struggling is one of the best characteristics of this personality type.

While it is never ideal to completely depend on others for mental stability, if you do need a bit of extra support in life you could try reaching out to an alpha that you are close to.

Their strong leadership skills will surely help set you on the right path.

4. Sought After

An alpha woman is often sought out by others.

There are many examples of when this could occur, such as having competitor companies attempting to convince the alpha to join their business instead of her current position.

This happens when word of mouth gets around about how fantastic she is as a person and as a leader.

Having known alpha within the workplace can cause other employers to come running at the chance of acquiring such an asset for their own gain in the professional world.

Sometimes they might even be spoilt for choice for career options based on job offers alone!

In this situation, you can guarantee that the alpha will critically examine all her choices to ensure that she is making the best one for her own life and ambitions.

5. Limitless Ambition

All the success in the world is never enough for an alpha woman.

She is always looking ahead to the next step, or the next big adventure.

Life never seems to slow down for these driven women!

If she gets a promotion or a pay raise at work, I can almost guarantee that she has already figured out the pathway to reach the next milestone in her professional journey.

There is always something better and bigger to do and be– not to say that she isn’t satisfied with her life.

There is a difference between being ambitious and being greedy.

Alpha females thrive on moving up the ranks for their own feeling of self-accomplishment, more than they enjoy the extra money or privileges the promotion or pay raise brings.

6. Strong Relationship with Family

An alpha knows that she can’t get through this world on her own. Having a strong support system in her family is often very important to these women.

When families stick together it creates a network of support which ripples throughout all the members, benefiting all people involved.

Remembering to use these relationships as resources towards a better, higher quality life is something that alphas make sure they do regularly.

7. Social Conductors

It isn’t difficult to tell when there is an alpha in the room.

Both in the office and at social gatherings, people gravitate towards these females just like the planets orbiting the sun.

Fabulous at starting and maintaining conversations with others, alpha females never fail to lighten up any room they find themselves in.

It is their strong confidence that allows them to get along with all types of people and to make friends easily.

Being an introvert around an alpha woman at a party or gathering can actually work to your advantage, as all of the attention will be on them instead of you!

However, if you are an extrovert too, be prepared to work hard for the attention you receive with these women around.

8. Confident

Confidence isn’t a personality trait that comes around often, which is partly what makes alphas so unique and successful.

As alpha females are mostly extroverts, this gives the world an endless scope of opportunity and ambition, for which they use their confidence to gain access.

They have no problems going after exactly what they want with their direct personality.

This is a trait that many people wish they had themselves, as it certainly makes life easier when you have the courage to stand up for what you deserve.

The Bottom Line: Alpha Females Excel

Alpha women are strong, driven women who crave success and excellence in all aspects of life.

Not only do they have well-defined people skills such as confidence, leadership, and good family relationships, but they also have a very specific outlook on life.

They also live their lives to the fullest.

They learn as much as they can about the world, while taking advantage of side-hobbies and social events to boost morale.

If you know an alpha, you should admire how incredible she is at being the best version of herself possible.

If after reading this you have realized that you yourself are an alpha woman, firstly congratulations! You have my admiration.

Just know that you are appreciated by all of those around you who have the pleasure of knowing you.

Alpha females are superstars!

Thanks for reading!

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